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  • craving for anchovies

    I am probably overthinking this, but wouldn't mind feedback from the group...

    For the last couple of weeks (I have been primal/paleo for months) I have been craving canned anchovies. I have resisted the craving to about once or twice a week. I just love opening up a can and enjoying them straight up. Simple, easy to clean up, filling and yummy. All good.

    Concerns? The one that comes to mind immediately for me is sodium - these babies are high in sodium. From a strict paleo perspective they wouldn't pass the mustard but everything else in the nutritionals looks good (at least according to I am not too worried about BPA (I don't do too much out of a can). Cost is another concern - decent cans (with extra virgin olive oil in the refrigerated section of the meat department) are around $3.00 (CAD). I can afford them, but $3.00 buys a lot of other healthy treats.

    Am I overlooking other concerns or should I stop overthinking this and just enjoy this treat when the spirit moves me?

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    When I crave salty foods, I know I'm low on electrolytes~ I forget to eat my sea salt in the summer and just cooking with it isn't enough with heat~ Maybe you need to supplement with a good sea salt like Celtic? Otherwise, I'd just eat the things and drink plenty of water.


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      High sodium intake is really only a concern if your potassium intake is too low.

      Cravings can be misinterpreted sometimes, but once a week shouldn't be a big deal.


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        This is interesting. Back in August I think I was doing several consecutive days of IF where I'd fast for 16 hours or so and have one meal in the evening (I was teaming up with another friend who was fasting for religious reasons and thought it would be nice to have that moral support). I was also craving anchovies like crazy! Normally I don't really care for them. So the electrolyte issue could certainly be it...


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          You are way overthinking this. Enjoy them. They are bloody good for you and a bit of salt won't hurt. Indeed, it is easy to underdo sodium intake on a paleo diet
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            Why wouldn't anchovies be considered primal?


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              Originally posted by Credodisi View Post
              Why wouldn't anchovies be considered primal?
              This. Eat them and enjoy them. You might need something they are supplying - why worry? Besides - if you're anything like me, you'll get sick of them soon enough.

              And yes, sodium is only an issue if you aren't getting enough potassium - if you're eating the veggies you should on primal, then potassium is not an issue for you.
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                Stop resisting the craving, and eat them whenever you want. They are definitely primal. The salt isn't a problem if you aren't eating the SAD diet. Like a couple of guys said before me, sodium is only really an issue if you have low potassium. Leafy green mixed veggies should take care of any potassium issues. In fact, many people who go primal need more sodium. I usually add a tiny bit of grungy real mineral sea salt to my water, and I salt the heck out of my food. In fact I'm about to go buy some anchovies right now
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