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feeling kinda depressed... dairy withdrawal

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  • feeling kinda depressed... dairy withdrawal

    So, I've been primal for three months now. Up until now I've been feeling good. My energy has been higher, and there's been no morning fog. However, just had the worst period of my life, with full on pains for three days. I'm really surprised that its gotten worse on primal, but research has lead me to believe that its the fault of diary. I've had more this last month than ever before, having begun to add cream into my soups and coffee, and good strong cheese. Yum. In the absence of potato chips and processed foods, candy and soda.... homemade ice cream and cheese have become my treats of choice. The only thing is, the intake started to creep up, especially as I've practically given up fruit and nuts too. And I have begun to really enjoy dairy, adding in butter to everything, and sour cream.

    I've decided to do a month dairy free, to see if it improves my period pains, and I'm only on day one and already depressed!

    Its not that I'm craving per se... Actually it is... I feel awful, I have a headache, all I want to do is go and raid the cheese draw. But l'm also thinking, what can I eat instead? Life without dairy isn't with living! I might have to go back to the potato chips, just to have SOMEthing!!! seriously, this is worse than, carbs flu!!! I think I'm going to have to go back to fruits and nuts, never mind the sugar and the omega 6. Its either gonna be that or I'm ordering in a pizza! (And I didn't even crave that when I have up the processed carbs in the first place!) Shall I have some pineapple, a macadamia or two...? This is craving of the worst kind!

    I'm feeling really awful right now, and realising that I'm totally addicted to dairy, and, what a crutch its become to me in the absence of any other `treat` foods.

    Is anyone else a hopeless dairy addict?
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    If ever I'm craving something BAD...I eat fat. I'll chug some coconut milk, eat a few almonds or some other nut. Hell, fry up an egg or some bacon, or both!
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      Could you try maybe upping other forms of carbs, like sweet potatoes? I'm not sure what level you're at right now, but it could be the drop in carbs (depending on the type of dairy you were eating), like carb flu all over again.

      Just a guess...


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        Just wanted to mention, estrogen is stored in body fat. If you've been losing body fat since going primal you are releasing more estrogen into your system every month which would cause more intense "monthly" symptoms. I know that this has been a problem for me, but, thankfully, it seems to be leveling off lately.


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          I eat a lot of dairy (goats and sheeps cheese and butter) and it doesn't seem to worsen this problem for me (usually get 6-24 hrs of pain). It's usually worst when I am on holiday and eating less dairy than usual and eating more sugar.

          Do you take evening primrose oil? That can help - it's an anti-inflammatory omega 6 that keeps prostaglandins in check.

          High histamine levels can cause severe contractions and pain - you might want to try anti-histamines or eating a low histamine diet in the few days before you're due. Magnesium deficiency is another potential cause, if you are sweating/working out a lot. Also, hormones released from your body's fat stores could be to blame, if you are losing weight.
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            How about some eggplant cooked in tallow? Or Kale Chips? Or Sweet potato fries?

            Try sea snax too
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              The first thing I think of when I think of dairy is heavy cream and Greek yogurt. You know what I think of when I think of those 2 things? FAT.
              Delicious, creamy fat.

              Maybe try hooking up with coconut cream? I'll be working on a paleo custard this week using 3 or 4 simple ingredients, including coconut cream.
              There's lots of creamy goodness you can make with coconut milk

              what I'm getting at is maybe you are missing the fat and not the dairy
              I get depressed when I even think of cutting back on fat
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                Gosh I love this forum. So full of ideas and advice! Thanks for all the comments. What is particularly interesting is that I have been loosing weight! Food for thought!

                Apparently dairy is quite addictive though. I googled it and there is a tonne of stuff about it -just like processed carbs and wheat, apparently dairy too has it's own addictive qualities that work on the brain receptors.

                Here's an excerpt from an article in the Orlando Sentinel July 13 2003:

                Of all the potentially addicting foods, cheese may be the most complex. In research studies using vegan and vegetarian diets to control cholesterol or reduce body weight, most participants soon forget the lure of ice cream, sour cream, and even burgers and chicken. But for many people, the taste for cheese lingers on and on. Yes, 70 percent of its calories may come from waist-augmenting fat, and, ounce for ounce, it may harbor more cholesterol than a steak. But that cheese habit is tough to break.Why is cheese so addicting? Certainly not because of its aroma, which is perilously close to old socks. The first hint of a biochemical explanation came in 1981, when scientists at Wellcome Research Laboratories in Research Triangle Park, N.C., found a substance in dairy products that looked remarkably like morphine. After a complex series of tests, they determined that, surprisingly enough, it actually was morphine. By a fluke of nature, the enzymes that produce opiates are not confined to poppies — they also hide inside cows’ livers. So traces of morphine can pass into the animal’s bloodstream and end up in milk and milk products. The amounts are far too small to explain cheese’s appeal. But nonetheless, the discovery led scientists on their search for opiate compounds in dairy products.

                And they found them. Opiates hide inside casein, the main dairy protein. As casein molecules are digested, they break apart to release tiny opiate molecules, called casomorphins. One of these compounds has about one-tenth the opiate strength of morphine. The especially addicting power of cheese may be due to the fact that the process of cheese-making removes water,lactose and whey proteins so that casein is concentrated. Scientists are now trying to tease out whether these opiate molecules work strictly within the digestive tract or whether they pass into the bloodstream and reach the brain directly.
                SW: 68 kg. * CW: 61.5 kg. * GW: 60 kg or less...
                “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha


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                  I can totally see that in my own life.

                  Give up bread? Yeah, okay.
                  Sugar? Fine...
                  Cheese? You've got a fight on your hands!


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                    I was having horrid PMS and cramps. I normally bloat close to 10 lbs, raging bitchiness, mood swings, and food cravings. Last month I started taking extra magnesium and evening primrose oil and had no PMS symptoms, minimal cramps. It went so easy, I was suprised when it started. Normally, minimally I have massive bloat. I still eat cheese and dairy in small amounts.

                    You might just try messing with supplements if you still want to eat dairy.

                    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                      Originally posted by thaijinx View Post
                      Is anyone else a hopeless dairy addict?
                      Yes. I have given up SO many foods I love after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's a couple years back and then gradually finding my way to a Primal diet. I no longer eat bread, pasta, or cheese - all of which were staples of my diet for most of my life, and which I would happily indulge in now. I have cut way back on fruit and nuts, which I thought were good for me, but now I don't know. I never liked cow's milk, so have been drinking coconut milk for about a year now (Before that it was almond milk and {{{shudder}}} soy). I no longer eat ice cream every night before bed.

                      But DAMMIT - I love my plain Fage yogurt (full fat when I can get it, otherwise 2%) and that is the one thing I just haven't been able to kick. I don't eat a lot of it - no more than one cup per day - but jeez, a girl can only eat so much meat and veggies. I actually don't even LIKE meat all that much, but I eat it because it makes me feel full and it's good for me.

                      So yeah, you're are definitely not alone and I totally sympathize!
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