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Coconut Water? Ooops!

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  • Coconut Water? Ooops!

    Just noticed that the coconut water I have been drinking has 15 grams of carb and 15 grams of sugar - time to say good bye . . . I realize now that I make certain assumptions about foods without checking the label -

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    Just make sure you buy the "unsweetened" kind. It's out there!
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      If you get straight up coconut water, it's fine. Natural sugar from something like a coconut isn't The Devil. Coconut water is something I drink at least once a day during the summer when I'm working (outdoors in the desert sun) or any time I give blood. The electrolytes in it can really be a big help.

      Primal isn't necessarily low carb - it just depends on the individual. If you want your carbs from something else, that's cool, but coconut water is actually a pretty decent source.


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        Coconut water is packed full of electrolytes and nutrients. It's different than most fruit juices in that it's not (usually) processed and sweetened, and it's not stripped of it's nutrients like when you juice a fruit or buy fruit juices. Just make sure it's pure coconut water without added sugars (yuck). It's delicious, healthy, refreshing and definitely primal. It's perfect to drink during a walk, or post-workout. I usually drink a lot after my sprint routine.
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          Pardon what may be ignorance on my part, but is the following coconut water, PHENOM™ Hydro 100% Natural Coconut Water Fortified with Electrolytes, a bad choice?

          Here are the ingredients:
          • Water
          • Coconut water concentrate
          • Sodium Chloride
          • Sodium Citrate
          • Sodium Metabisulfite

          I see this at a local GNC all the time at a great price.

          I'm an endurance athlete, by the way, so perhaps some of the additives (namely the electrolytes) are relatively less harmful from a Primal perspective.

          Any other product recommendations you can provide are most appreciated, too. Thanks in advance!


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            I can't speak for that one in particular, but coconut water doesn't really NEED to be fortified. I would think the standard unadulterated kind would be just fine (probably cheaper too), and it has always worked for me (and I sweat A LOT when I work).

            The 2 brands I usually buy are O.N.E and CocoVita.


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              RitaRose: I was thinking the same thing about whether coconut water would need any additional additives, be it additional electrolytes or otherwise.

              I've seen CocoVita at the same GNC I mentioned earlier; I'll take a look at it the next time I visit the shop. O.N.E., the product you mentioned, and Zico appear to be other popular choices based on a quick Google search. I'll keep my eyes peeled for those, too.


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                My favourite brand is Vita Coco. I don't like the flavoured coconut water, but I do enjoy their pure coconut water. It contains only coconut water and vitamin C.

                Yes, coconut water has a decent amount of carbohydrates, but it's not like fruit juice. You simply open the young coconut and the liquid is released. There's no juicing process! Just avoid coconut water that has added sugar. It's really yummy and it has electrolytes!

                I cannot stand the GNC-brand coconut water. I also hate Blue Monkey coconut water. I love Vita Coco, but I will settle for Zico if I can't find that.
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