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  • Pemmican question

    I wanted to try my hand at making some pemmican in the near future. If anyone has made it before I have a question: will lard or maybe even bacon fat work for this? Most of the recipes I have found recommend beef tallow, which I can get, I was just wondering if there was a specific reason for this or if bacon drippings would be stable enough to make the pemmican with.

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    I think the original point of pemmican was that it's designed to be a complete food.

    Pemmican can sustain a human being indefinitely, without supplementation, if it's made right. The reason beef tallow is called for, is because it contains all the nutrients you need to survive - IF it is proper free range grassfed beef tallow, which has a different (and better) nutritional profile than feedlot tallow. So you'd want to get your hands on the grassfed goodies if you truly wanted to craft your own survival rations for a wilderness adventure or just preparing for a disaster here at home.

    I ran across a really good PDF on pemmican (with recipes!) from this board a while back and read it, and I think I may have it saved to my hard drive somewhere also; it was SUPER interesting and maybe someone here will re-post the link to it.

    I don't see any reason why you couldn't "practice" with on-hand ingredients, like cheaper cuts of beef and bacon drippings or even coconut oil, before going full-bore with the more expensive grassfed stuff, once you get the process down.


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      Bacon fat and lard are more unsaturated than beef tallow which makes them softer at room temp.

      Your pemmican will need to be kept in the fridge/freezer to stay solid with those fats. I use bison/lamb/beef tallow and coconut oil if I run out. I still store my pemmican in the freezer b/c I like it better than way.


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        I hadn't thought about the consistency at room temp. I was more worried about spoilage. I think I might try it both ways, i think making it with the bacon fat would make it darn tasty. I have easy access to good quality tallow and wild game meat (I am in eastern Montana). I did find the recipe on the Daily Apple site, so that is my jumping off point. Thanks everyone.


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          Beef, deer or bison fat will be more solid at room temp and more resistant to oxidation (going rancid) and spoilage. It's just a better choice overall than lard (bacon fat is lard btw).
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            thanks. i have decide to try it this weekend with tallow. Also, i know bacon fat is lard, i was attempting to distinguish between my own bacon drippings and lard from the store.

            thanks to all that replied.


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              Let us know how it comes out. I have not been willing to make it myself. Too much work for the drying and pulverizing of the meat. I think a lot of people want to try bacon fat because they are afraid the tallow won't taste good but I think it tastes like meat butter.
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