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hydroponic vegetables?

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  • hydroponic vegetables?

    I don't know if its the same everywhere but here in Thailand I am seeing more and more vegetables being hydroponically grown. Now clearly they're not going to be as good or nutritious as organic... But, as an alternative to the pesticide laden, plastic covered commercial stuff is it a good alternative?

    Most of what I'm seeing are salad veg, green leaves and herbs.

    I must admit I don't feel all that confident about the fake nutrition they are fed, but at least there's no pesticides.

    Would you eat them?
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    I haven't tried them, but I have heard they're not very flavorful. They're mentioned in Real Food by Nina Planck. I think she basically says they're fine to eat health-wise, but majorly lacking flavor. And less flavor probably means less vitamins.


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      If I had to choose between the hydro veggies and something covered in pesticides and what not I'd take the hydro veggies.I've grown hydro veggies before,and it's true that they're a bit lacking in flavor,but the plants are otherwise vibrant and healthy if everything is done properly.At the end up the day I prefer growing my vegetables in soil fertilized by my animals,but hydroponic agriculture is pretty interesting and has a lot of potential in my opinion.
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