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As nuts go, how are pistachios and monkey nuts?

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  • As nuts go, how are pistachios and monkey nuts?

    From reading some of the posts on here, I gather that some nuts are better than others, with macadamias seemingly near the top of the tree.

    My favourites are pistachios and monkey nuts, and I was wondering if anyone had any info or opinions on how these compare to macadamias and others.
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    Here's a great article comparing several varieties of nuts and seeds and their anti-nutrient and PUFA content

    Are Nuts And Seeds Healthy? | Paleo Diet Lifestyle
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      Unless Google is wrong, monkey nuts are called peanuts here in the states~ they're legumes and not used for primal~ I do enjoy pistachio nuts though~ unfortunately, although I like them, I get allergy warnings from macadamia nuts, so I don't eat them.


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        I dunno man...if you want to eat sweaty monkey nuts, that's your choice.
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          @Nady Monkey nuts are peanuts.
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