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Cod liver oil vs. chicken liver: Which is nutritionally superior?

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  • Cod liver oil vs. chicken liver: Which is nutritionally superior?

    I’m trying to decide between using cod liver oil or chicken liver as a “natural supplement”...I have low levels of vitamin D and iron and I know both are excellent sources. I also just started trying to conceive and I know that cod liver oil and chicken liver are good sources of folate.

    However I need to be careful b/c from what I understand high levels of Vitamin A are to be avoided when one is trying to conceive.

    So am I better off eating chicken liver on a weekly basis, or just sticking to cod liver oil? What’s the right daily dosage of cod liver oil if I go with that?

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    I know some people here are careful to make sure their omega-6 intake isn't too high.

    Pork fat and chicken fat contains high levels of omega-6. I am not sure how fatty chicken liver is to be honest, but cod is guaranteed to have plenty of omega-3s, which are good (not in MASSIVE doses, but essential nonetheless)!
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      Thanks for pointing that out Tealia! I wasn't even thinking about omega-3s and omega-6s.

      So I decided to go out and buy some Carlson's cod liver oil. The only thing that worries me is that the dosage of Vitamin D3 isn't quite as high as I was hoping. One serving size (5 soft gels) is only 400IU.

      When I was last tested (back in October) my D3 level was 17 ng/ML where the normal range is 30-100. So I think I need a pretty high dose of Vitamin D to catch myself up.

      Maybe I'll continue taking my 5000IU D3 supplement in addition to the cod liver oil....