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  • Dukan diet???

    I am not losing fast enough .. what are your thoughts on dukan diet??

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    It's very restrictive (especially in beginning stages), and probably not do-able long term. But everyone is different, and I have heard of people having success on it.

    As far as not losing "fast enough", that can depend on a lot of things. Maybe you're eating too many extra calories, maybe your carbs are too low, or maybe you just have unrealistic expectations of how quickly the weight should come off.

    I hope you find something that works and makes you happy!


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      Too low fat - unhealthy
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        YOu're better than this, dinky.


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          From the website for the diet: "Oat Bran is the cornerstone of the Dukan Diet and has a multitude of benefits."

          Any diet that uses one specific food as a cornerstone seems suspicious to me,and while I think oats aren't as bad as say wheat or barley,they certainly aren't good enough to be the cornerstone of a healthy diet.I'd have to do more research on it to reach a final conclusion,but at a quick glance it seems rather shitty.
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            I thought the Dukan diet was 1 day only meat, 1 day meat + veg, alternating. It's basically VLC strict paleo from my understanding. A friend did that and lost 15 lb very quickly.
            If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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              I know!! after reading on it .. no way!! I love pb , I am just going to eat less and no little cheats!


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                Dukan's diet excludes fat - it allows just a little liquid paraffin on salads, if you can't do without any fat, but otherwise it's extremely low-fat. If you eat dairy, it has to be 0.1% fat. And yes, it means one or a couple of day eating just protein and then the same number of days eating protein + veg. Oatbran is a given - you eat a given amount (3-4 spoonfuls, I think) everyday to keep the intestines working.

                I suppose Dukan's regimen would put you in ketosis - it's very low-carb. And since you're not consuming fat, you would start burning your body fat directly, that would explain the rapid weight loss. But then Dukan tells you that once you've reached your goal weight, you can go back to eating whatever you want, you just do one protein-only day a week for the rest of your life - that way you are supposed to be able to maintain your new weight. I suppose that wouldn't be healthy for the body, after all you've managed to put it in fat-burning mode and then you can switch it back to sugar-burning mode.


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                  Originally posted by tfarny View Post
                  I thought the Dukan diet was 1 day only meat, 1 day meat + veg, alternating. It's basically VLC strict paleo from my understanding. A friend did that and lost 15 lb very quickly.
                  Yes that's right. It is quite low fat and low-fat artificially sweetened products are allowed. If you up the fat a bit and forget the AS products then it's good. The oatbran is once per day made into a pancake.


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                    So what if it can achieve rapid weight loss? Anyone can achieve that by extreme restriction of calories and being bloody minded enough, without having to follow x,y,z diet plan to the letter.

                    Low fat causes cannabilisation of essential fatty acids from the brain and internal organs unless very carefully formulated essential fatty acid supplements are taken. I'm not just talking fish oil here. I've not seen anyone get healthy on a low fat diet - quite the opposite in fact. I've seen friends destroy their health to the point where they've been unable to work for years. It's tragic.
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                      The Dukan diet was recently all the rage here in France, and is still rather popular. When my boyfriend's mother (a typically figure-conscious French lady) enthusiastically embraced it last spring/summer, I decided to try it, too.

                      FWIW, I hated it, and got very poor results compared both to classic calorie restriction and Primal. I normally have no trouble with discipline re: diet (restricting carbs or calories, eliminating processed foods, whatever), but after 4 days on the induction phase of the Dukan diet (which I believe the English translation of the book refers to as "pure protein", with no fats or carbohydrates allowed) I literally felt ill. I was dizzy, irritable and finally almost threw up at work, my body felt that out of balance. Even at <30 g carbs/day with Primal, I've never felt so out-of-whack. I lost maybe 2 lbs in the first 48 hours, all of which came right back on as soon as I caved and ruined my 'pure protein' day with (IIRC) a salad and a nectarine. (Boyfriend's Mother, who admittedly had basically nothing she needed to lose in the first place, has also gained back most of what she lost with Dukan, despite apparently perfect adherence to his post-dieting plan. She is baffled, and I think a little annoyed, that I can eat butter, full-fat yogurt and meat and still keep off the weight I ultimately lost by embracing Primal. )

                      I also think that Dukan's enthusiastic endorsement of sugar substitutes, along with his insistence that dieters can ultimately return to whatever way of eating they previously followed while maintaining their weight AND health thanks to 1 day/week of eating turkey slices, makes the plan less than credible, despite the basics (ie, low-carb diets do help with weight loss; protein is important) being sound. I got far better and longer-lasting results by using carbs in the way Dukan recommends for the "vegetable" days, every day, while keeping some fat in my diet to keep from going bonkers. YMMV of course, but I personally don't think the initial, often difficult-to-maintain loss of the start of Dukan is worth the attendant and subsequent frustration! Good luck.
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                        Dukan Diet is what brought me here! I was trying it out for a while, and researching different things about it, and came across a thread here on MDA asking opinions on Dukan.

                        After more reading about Primal I was hooked. The Dukan Diet was fairly miserable in terms of food, and everything had to be spiced heavily to try and mask the bland flavor of whatever you were trying to eat.


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                          not losing fast enough? how much muscle do you want to lose in the process?


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                            I also came here via the Dukan Diet, and must say that my weight loss was good (53lbs), but I didn't feel great. I've only really lost about 7lbs since I started eating Primally, but have felt so much healthier. Now I need to start tweaking and experimenting to get rid of the last 26 or so pounds I need to lose .... I have to confess, though, that I had thought about returning to Dukan (minus the oatbran, as I'm coeliac) just to kick start some weightloss again, but I really don't think I could face it!


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                              thanks for all of your replies .. I am not going to eat like that all the time , so there is no point in starting it . I really dont think i could stand it , I like my butter and other fats too well . Besides its not healthy with the artificial sweetners and all. I think that I am going to cut out most carbs for now , not that i eat that many , and get my body in to fat burning best i can . when i did atkins years ago , i would use those sticks to see if you were in ketosis and it would take me forever . my metabolism is so screwed up I guess!!! and work out more also! thanks again!! PB forever!