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Coconut Milk?

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  • Coconut Milk?

    Does anyone have a favorite coconut milk? Also, what is the deal with guar gum - ok or not?
    Thank you!

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    There was a thread somewhere where people were saying that the brands that do not use guar gum taste better. I checked around my local stores here and all I could find was Chaokoh which did not have any guar gum in it.


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      I like Ayam, but it's canned so it's BPA to worry about. Chaokoh is really nice and in tetrapak, but contains emulsifier. Personally I try to avoid guar gum.


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        I don't think the little bit of guar gum in coconut milk is anything to be concerned about at all. I agree that the brands without it taste better though, but just buy what you can IMO.
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          My favorite milk is "Asian Family" and it contains coconut, water, citric acid. I don't sweat BPA with the modest amount of canned goods I consume.


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            I make my own using flaked coconut. Cheap and easy and nothing added to it.
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              chaokoh is the best imo. handy tetra pack, tastes nice n creamy and many sizes available - you could even pop the really small ones in your bag to take to coffee shops or what not.

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