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  • IF and supplements

    I am just starting more and more intermittent fasting (started without really knowing - I just wasn't hungry for "regular/scheduled" meals and therefore didn't eat them).

    I am a regular user of supplements - quality multis, anti-oxidants and omega 3. I try space the daily amounts out over 3 doses and take them just before, during or just after eating. Most manufacturer instructions suggest that the supplements with food.

    What do you do about supplement use when you are fasting? Stop using? Load up just before and after the fast? Or?

    Appreciate any and all thoughts.

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    I like to take mine around my meals, with the exception of ZMA and more vit d before bed. Helps me sleep a little better. I stopped taking a multi since according to fitday I'm getting plenty of most nutrients. Other than those two I take Vit e, selenium, and some calcium since I don't get a lot from food.

    IMO if you're eating a variety of primal foods, a multi is a waste of money and you need only supplement with maybe a few things.
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      are you talking just plain vitamin type things? or powders etc?

      most IF advocates are anti anything with calories during a fast .. i dont think there is anything wrong with vitamins during this time, i know i take them then still
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        I usually skip most of my supplements when IFing since they upset my empty stomach. I just resume as normal at my next meal.
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          Supplements, AFAIK, disrupt the fast and basically defeat the whole purpose. Plus, supplements on an empty stomach is nauseating for most people.

          The point of a fast is more than just weight-loss, it's spiritual even if you don't realize it. It's there to give your body real rest. Silence. A fantastic time to meditate, too. Think: Gandhi.

          Don't supplement during IF.
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