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Leptin Reset Question re: Meal Timing

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  • Leptin Reset Question re: Meal Timing

    Looking at doing a Leptin Reset as there are a few things I think it may address (in particular sleep, which even on nights I'm not interrupted I do not seem to sleep well). Figure it cannot hurt anything.

    My problem is meal timing...more specifically the length of time between lunch and supper.

    My schedule would look like this:

    Breakfast: 7:30am
    Lunch: 12-12:30pm
    Supper: 6-7pm

    No way I could eat by 5pm to keep in that 4-5 hour window. If I get to the point to where I can skip lunch, does supper even matter (as far as time)? And if I do eat lunch, is going 6-7 hours going to mess with anything?

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    If your avatar picture is accurate, you need to think real hard about doing the reset, since you're probably already leptin sensitive. It's not a silver bullet for everything that ails mankind.

    But if you go forward, keep in mind that there's a minimum distance between meals, but no real maximum (other than to never skip the big ass breakfast). Many of us that did the reset ended up skipping lunch daily. Those that didn't either didn't eeat enough for breakfast (which is a problem because you MUST stuff yourself with protein for the LR to work at all) or had to eat lunch to be social, or both.


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      I think it will help with the fat loss (what you don't see in that picture is a lot of fat on my chest, my back, and around my lower belly that just would not go away last year). But I'm looking to see if it will correct other things, such as how well I sleep at night and some other things. Plus, it is not too far off from how I eat anyways, just a bit bigger breakfast.


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        Honestly Breakfast and dinner is all you need. try to eat enough protein and fat until you dont want lunch. I frequently eat a late dinner and it has not caused me to gain weight ( which is my measuring stick, i am f'd up)

        get 60-70 grams of protein in breakfast, i challenge you to then even want lunch
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          I often ate at 7 or 7.30 pm and that worked fine for me.


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            You should be fine- it's more a matter of having enough time between meals (so, it can be more than 5 hours). However, you want at least 4 hours between dinner and bedtime.