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Eating too much? Or too little?

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  • Eating too much? Or too little?


    I have some problems with consistency in my diet. I get severe headaches and generally feel like shit. My goal is a six-pack but i don't seem to lose anymore weight. I have reached a plateu.
    I do crossfit 3 times a week.

    Breakfast: Three scrambeled eggs and a sallad, a cup of coffe.
    Lunch. 200 grams of chickenbreast with sallad.
    Snack. A can of sardines
    Dinner. same as lunch.

    Can I eat more? Should I eat more? The stubborn bellyfat just won't go away. Any tips?

    I am a 26 year old guy. 6 feet tall and weigh 170lb.


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    It looks like too little to me for sure. Try Lean Gains.
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      How long have you been eating this way for? Do you feel like you are eating enough? Are you hungry all the time, or do you feel satisfied for longer than two hours after a meal? Follow your hunger signals; that's the easiest way to tell if you are eating enough or not.

      I find that I need at least 60g of carbs a day, otherwise I get pretty bad headaches and become sore. I eat about 80g a day. It's different for everyone, but this is how my body seems to work.

      I can eat up to 150g of carbs a day and still lose weight, even when I'm somewhat sedentary. I just make sure that they're primal carbs. The only time weight threatens to creep up on me is when I eat processed sugar, grains or flours.

      You are young and you exercise. You should be able to handle more carbs. Sometimes exercising and not eating enough carbs post-workout can stall your weight loss. After I exercise intensely, I like to have a smoothie! I blend raw spinach and water together to make a green base. Then I throw in yellow/orange fruits and a splash of coconut milk or avocado. I feel amazing and energized anytime I have a green smoothie. They cure my headaches, too!

      It seems like you could use a bit more fat as well. Chicken and eggs aren't very fatty. Eating more red meat will help you boost your iron intake as well. Iron is energizing.
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        At 6' and 170 you have belly fat??


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          I get a headache when I'm hungry. Track your calories... you may not be getting enough.


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            Originally posted by mmapags View Post
            At 6' and 170 you have belly fat??
            That was my thought..


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              After looking at your picture above, I'd say you might be getting a little OCD about this. I couldn't see any belly fat. Relax and enjoy yourself a little more. You are in good lean shape. If I were you, I'd want to gain 5 lbs of muscle mass and forget losing any more. You look good man!


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                I would say that you are eating far too little. Are you restricting yourself or are you not hungry? Try to add in some red meat and more fat. Make some bone stocks and eat liver an marrow once in a while. Eat a wide variety of cooked and raw vegetables. Eat some fruit.
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                  Ok, so eat more.

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