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7 Weeks in and feeling tired again

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  • 7 Weeks in and feeling tired again

    Is this familiar to anyone?
    I'm 7 pure primal, low on fruit and diary, they are less then 10%

    In the first six weeks I was on fire, but this last week. I feel like a grain eater again. I've got some old issue back like sensitive joints. Tired out of bed.
    Funny because really the last 6 weeks were great although weight loss was not much.

    Did you have this too?
    What can be the cause?

    Looking for your thoughts on this,

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    Iodine, B12, zinc or magnesium?


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      Could be that your caloric intake is too low,you're not getting the right vitamins and minerals,or,and this was the case for me,you're going very low carb and your body is telling you that it's time to start eating more carbs from healthy sources.
      Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who has said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own experience.

      In the mind of the beginner, there are many possibilities; in the mind of the expert, there are few.

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        Thanks Alex and Glamorama (I like that name, although that sentence about cutting off balls in the leptin tread scared me )

        I will definitely look in to supplementing and calorie intake.
        I did notice cravings for fat parts of meat. Which was remarkable.


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          I started this journey by going sugar free (so eating carbs) and it wasn't until 4 months later that I got my headaches. Even made an appointment to see the optometrist jic it was my eyes. Then worked out (can't remember why/what) it was withdrawals. Freaky it took so long (but meant once I removed wheat and grains 4 months after that, I didn't suffer at all)


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            Thanks Bron for sharing your experience.

            This weekend I had some berries and a grapefruit. I supplemented with calcium magnesium and iron. and feel better now.

            It is quite possible that 7 weeks on a low carb of mostly less than 50 grams is just not that manageable (yet). I only eat 1 big salad for lunch and some steamed veggies for dinner, next to the protein sources.

            Still what remains, I feel so much better. And what I like most, (besides last week) my energy levels are higher than the folks younger than me.
            I just wish I would lose some more fat.....

            Go save,


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              Maybe try including some more healthy fats - like use coconut milk with your coffee & add some olive oil or butter to those vegies.

              Also - hows the sleep/stress levels going??

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                Thanks Bamboozel,

                Stress was a part in week 5 and 6 so I have to be fair and take that also in consideration.

                This week I reflected on my diet and came to thoughts that losing weight was initial the goal. Right now for me it is about feeling good for a prolonged period of time.
                Having great energy to keep going and having no issues in my body, is the objective now.

                I can say this, now I know that my extra weight is not a health problem, just me being vain.

                Have a great Sun(ny)day,