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  • Drink of choice?

    I'm a coke addict. Coca cola, that is. The last month I've switched to coke zero, which the CW experts are of two minds, some sources say yay, some say nay.

    It's definately NOT primal, and as such has no place in my lifestyle.

    My question is, what drink were you addicted to that you cut out when starting out primal, and what did you replace it with?

    Second question, are we lenient on alcohol? Or do we totally abstain?
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    Mark seems to be all for wine. I think he has beer fairly often too. So if you're getting the results you want, I personally don't see any problems with it. As for me, about the only time I drink is if I'm on a date. I use to drink coke zero sometimes, but I stay away from it and the sweeteners now. My guilty pleasure is a pint of ben and jerrys.
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      I also am a Coke addict, Diet Coke was my choice of soda. When I finally decided it wasn't helping me loose weight, I started out by substituting it by drinking Powerade Zero, it had enough flavor to it and the aspertame I so craved. I led my self to believe that it was "good" for me. Then I told my self that it was just water that I wanted, so I'd drink half a bottle of Powerade then add water to it. It took a few months though, but the fact that I like free tap water over the $1 I spent each day at the pop machine at work. Find a good sports drink you like to wean your self off it. Good luck!
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        Tie between whole milk and fresh-squeezed OJ for me. Now I drink kefir and I put an ounce or 2 of premium OJ in a big glass of sparkling water once in a while. (Got one of those countertop carbonators for making seltzer, and it's been indispensable.)

        I'd been off soda for years before starting PB, and I was never a true junkie like some I've known. But I did recently make the mistake of having a diet coke, as it was the only thing to drink at the time and I was thirsty. Chemical tang was so harsh I couldn't finish it.

        Never was a big alcohol drinker either, but red wine and the occasional gin & tonic or mojito suit me fine...or White Russians. Some of those are sugary, but if I'm drinking any more than a small glass of red wine then I'm probably in 20%-ville for the evening anyway.
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          I used to love drinking 30 or more bottles of dark ale and stout a week,but now I occasionally have a glass of whiskey and ice water when I feel like drinking.I was never much of a soda or juice drinker because it never quenched my thirst the way that water did.People that say "I'm so thirsty!" then go and buy a bottle of mountain dew always confused the hell out of me.
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            Water, hot tea (black, green, herbals of all kinds), and lemon/honey/ginger. I mostly drink water and tea.

            I don't drink alcohol, btu I never have. I just don't like it and never have, so I don't see the point. But, some paleo/primal people do.


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              Aside from my morning coffee or tea, I drink water. If I want flavor in my water, I add a few dashes of Angostura bitters or a packet of ElectroMIX.


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                Water, one cup of coffee in the am.

                I love coke, diet coke never tasted good. I have not had a coke in months. I imagine someday I will have a coke as a treat.

                Alcohol in moderation..... it seems like he advocates red wine, but I dunno, I like booze I can cut with water, again very occasional. Bourbon and and club soda.

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                  Two years ago I would have said: good tequila, good bourbon and boddingtons. I don't drink anymore
                  Good coffee, black. Unsweetened black tea. Whole Milk. Kombucha. Occasionally I will have a Dr Pepper or Rootbeer as a treat.
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                    Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, herbal tea in the evening. Water or sparkling water, plain or with a bit of lemon or lime juice or a splash of homemade ginger infusion.

                    For alcohol, dry hard cider, wine, NorCal margaritas, vodka and soda with a bit of lime juice, and single malt Scotch neat (distillation removes gluten, and the high-end Scotches don't have malt flavouring added back in after, which is a risk with cheaper whiskeys). Now and then I'll splurge and get some Messagere gluten-free beer.
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                      I drank alot of Coke before too, because the carb-heavy diet was making me so sleepy I needed tons of caffeine to keep up at work. I stopped cold turkey when I switched my eating and haven't looked back. I replaced it with water and I feel much better. I actually crave plain water now.

                      I drink a cup of coffee with cream every morning, and I LOVE red wine. I'm sure I'll have a glass tonight.


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                        A glass of red wine a few times a week. Kombucha every day if a batch is ready. It has a fizz to it. Some people miss fizzy. I also have one of those gas/soda cylinders to make sparkling water with lime. Very refreshing after a hot day.


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                          Milk for me.


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                            There are healthier diet sodas (see link), though I don't know if that would be good or bad for you to switch to, maybe you should just go for milk/tea/etc like previous posters have said

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                              I used to live on red Powerade or Crystal Light Iced tea. We had cut out soda for a number of years before. For grown-up time I like white wine. I had two beers with my husband the other week and felt AWFUL afterwards. I've never felt so terrible from alcohol. So no more beer for me.
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