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    I have no doubt this is a topic that has been discussed before, but I just wanted to get an idea of how people feel about chia seeds.

    My interest was piqued when I read "Born to Run" (very enjoyable read.)

    Chia seeds are obviously "paleo" in the sense that they are a naturally occurring food that have been consumed for a long time. And at first glance, they have a quite impressive nutritional profile. However, I'm curious about how we weigh the strong nutritional profile against the spectre of anti-nutrients. Whether chia seeds are a "super-food" or a borderline scam seems to depend on who you ask. Admittedly, I'm a touch skeptical of chia seeds because they seem to be promoted frequently by raw foodists and vegans, but I want to keep an open mind.

    Finally, if we accept that they are fit for consumption, how should they be prepared? Should they be soaked? How would one go about that?