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No energy and feeling sick.

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  • No energy and feeling sick.

    OK, so Im pretty sure Im doing things right. Ive read Marks books, articles on this forum etc etc and feel Ive got the diet part right. Im losing weight and keeping my carbs at 25 a day max.
    So, why do I feel so sick and tired?
    Im three weeks in now and my energy did seem better at first but now its really low. So intense is the tiredness I am forced to have a sleep in the afternoon, but still sleep like a log at night.
    This constant feeling of a sickly stomach is not nice either. Is this solely because I am not used to such a high fat diet? After all, Ive been on a low fat low calorie diet for years!!

    Any sensible replies would be gratefully accepted, but please dont tell me to read things Ive already read. If there was anything that answered this question I would have found it by now. Im all read out!!!
    Thank you.
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    Up the carbs!!! There is no reason to keep them under 25! Mark says 50-100 for effortless weight loss. Especially being new to it I would be eating higher carbs. Of course they should be from good sources.

    It does take time for your body to adjust, but it may also be caused by an allergy/sensitivity to a new food you are eating. I'd just try upping the carbs first, curious what does your menu look like right now?
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      For my body, Primal is only possible long term with sweet potatoes otherwise I feel shit and get cravings. There is no reason to keep carbs that low unless you have serious metabolic issues. Add some tubers to your diet and see if it makes a difference.


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        In reply to activia asking what my meals are now a typical day would be:
        Breakfast: fried in coconut oil, bacon, eggs and mushrooms and a black coffee.
        Lunch: Liver, kidneys, steak or lamb with various and varied veg. (no spuds).
        Late afternoon: Omelette with cheese. or plain omeltte made with coconut milk. A yoghurt (sheeps normally), handful of nuts occassionally.

        Hope this helps.
        I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!


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          Try having less eggs and more meat. Also, if you're feeling sick you could be allergic to something so maybe cut back on the dairy as well and see if it does anything.


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            Originally posted by mmsantos View Post
            For my body, Primal is only possible long term with sweet potatoes otherwise I feel shit and get cravings. There is no reason to keep carbs that low unless you have serious metabolic issues. Add some tubers to your diet and see if it makes a difference.
            I need the sweet potatoes too. Listen to your body. When you do, ain't nothing better than primal!
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              I had the same issues until I increased the amount of carbs I was getting from healthy sources.You only need to go extremely low carb if you have a lot of metabolic damage to get in check,otherwise there's no need to exclude carbs to that extent.
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                I'll up my carbs a bit. Thanks for all those that gave me good sense answers. There seems to be quite a fine balance between fats and carbs and I guess my mind has not yet totally accepted I can eat all this fat and NOT put on weight, and the only way to do this is to limit my carbs. It appears I have taken that side of things too far!
                I'll increase them and see how I go!
                Watch this space!
                I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!


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                  I am about 12 weeks into the regime and have been feeling great but just yesterday after an ocean swim and training the next morning (I know chronic cardio) I started to feel lousy, a sickly stomach feeling minor cramping the 'system' was all working well and I could not bear the thought of eating although I pushed myself to have something were these similar symptoms to yours and did the advice on just raising the carbs work if so how long and are you still on the program.


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                    You only need to go that low if you have diabetes, imo. I try to stick to 25g for mine, but even I have a high carb day once a week. Cut yourself a little slack
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                      With your afternoon nap i was told and have experienced the same issues. About mid afternoon, after lunch you become tired due mainly to the food that you have eaten, not that the food is the wrong type. A lot of people in coutnries have the good old siesta in the arvy, after lunch and due to climate. The only advice i have for this is have no more than 25 to 30 minutes sleep to get the rest you need but not to put you into a deep sleep.
                      I found that 10 minutes was all i needed, others a bit more. With this small sleep you recharge the system, work on and still, as you say have a great sleep at night.

                      In China, the armies of old when run by Tsun Tsu would have a small nap before going into battle. This would give them a recharge of the bodies battery.

                      If the sleep works, you feel good and enoy it, keep it up.
                      Good luck with droping the next 5 pounds you want to lose.
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                        Do you per chance have the (viral) flu? About 2 weeks ago I was run down, upset stomach, feeling like crap, then about 5 days into it, sore throat, congestion....

                        And have some carbs....

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                          im in a similar boat, im about two weeks in to going strictly primal. started out mostly primal but allowed myself half a muffin or piece of bread with something for the first couple days. anyway. i started out doing eggs mixed with veggies in the morning, maybe a couple nuts. experimented with a few things for lunch, usually mixed fruit and a little bit of protein, recently ive started doing steamed veggies and some slices of sweet potato, dinner's been a piece of lean meat, usually salmon or chicken, and more veggies. last 4 days ive started doing sausage mixed with veggies in grass fed butter, helped a little with my morning energy.

                          anyway, i feel like im eating enough. but i just dont have much energy, i just feel pretty blah. not sick though.

                          about 2 months ago i experimented with a diet i read about where you snack on small portions of nuts and berries all day until dinner, and for dinner, you eat whatever the hell you want, which i did, over a 10 day period id eat healthy chicken and veggies for dinner to pie with ice cream, pasta, i really just ate whatever i felt like without going to crazy. and i had A LOT of energy. ive never woken up with so much energy, id shoot right out of bed in the morning (which has never happened before) have energy all day, get tired starting around 9, and wouldnt be a problem to fall asleep around 10 or 11(usually its hard for me to get to sleep at 12) then wake up without an alarm from 6-7. i also lost weight on it, and ran my first 10k with no physical training, and no physical anything for the 8 days leading up to it since i was out of town. and i placed 19th out of 400 runners. finished the race and felt great, like i could turn around and do it again.

                          on this i dont feel like that, i get done with a run or work out and just feel tired and glad its over.

                          I am doing this primal diet more as an experiment, im not convinced its the miracle its being made out to be. im really a believer that you just need to eat what you know fuels you and makes you feel good. if in another week or two i start to really feel great on this then maybe ill try to stick to it. but i never felt a lack of energy, actually i felt great when eating a healthy diet that consisted of whole wheat grains, granola, plenty of dairy, even small amounts of sugar and processed "junk"

                          once i feel like ive reached a good consistent point on this diet where i dont have cravings for junk food, sugar, breads, etc.. i want to start adding in certain foods, and see how it makes me feel. introduce granola for a day or two, see what i feel like, try it with grains, wheat, pasta, etc.. basically using it as a reset of my diet, trying to introduce some healthier habbits, mostly in the form of more lean meats and veggies. in place of pasta for dinner. fruit instead of sugar.. etc..

                          not saying you should try my approach, but id consider it.

                          otherwise, i feel fruit and nuts help me feel better when i really start to feel low on energy, without seeming to effect my weight or anything. if im feeling low on energy around lunch ill have a big lunch of nuts and berries.