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    Second topic of the day, so many questions. In my other thread I mentioned that im pondering the primal lifestyle (have had a low carb, high fat diet before), but I am doing a bit of ground work first.

    When I was on the anabolic diet (Stronglifts), I had scrambled egg and bacon cooked in butter every morning, I loved it. But other than a couple of good meals, things felt very disjointed and un-natural. There would be times where I would be hungry and have nothing to prepare. I would just chop off a lump of cheese and eat it just to get a fat fix. I felt limited and eventually lost interest (and to cut down on BF% a bit!).

    I know Mark has many good snack articles, but I wanted to hear it from you guys. We all have times in our lives were we simply cant prepare snacks, or we simply don't have the ingredients (out of chicken breasts?! bohhh!).

    I bought a blender off amazon and plan to use it to make many smoothies, Im really looking foward to getting a damn blender, how silly is that !

    So what are your favorite snacks/mini meals that you enjoy when you have to go out for a day, or those days where you just want something small and smart, but easily made?

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    A blender/processor duo is on my shopping list. I love appliances!

    I don't really snack, per se. As far as quick & easy meals, I love my post-workout breakfast. 1 scoop of whey, frozen fruits and veggies, and a couple raw eggs. Quick and yummy.

    My two favorite recipes are

    1 cup water

    2 raw eggs

    1 scoop chocolate whey

    1/4 cup frozen blueberries

    1/4 cup frozen carrots


    1 cup water

    2 raw eggs

    1 small/medium apple (I have frozen slices right now.)

    1 scoop vanilla whey

    1/2 tsp cinnamon

    1/2 tsp nutmeg

    Otherwise, I don't really snack. I might grab a few almonds or walnuts at random, or a bite of cheese, but it's really pretty rare. If I don't have time to cook a real meal, I typically IF.

    Worse comes to worse, I buy a $6 salad at Wegmans. Lots of healthy ingredients, but expensive. OR a rotisserie chicken for $5. Again, rare. I'm a cheapskate- lol.


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      smoothies...thats a good snack.

      nuts (almonds,walnuts) with a small apple.

      celery sticks with home made pimento cheese ?

      beef/venison/squid jerky..

      that is all i can think of now


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        I buy small snack-size ziplock bags and fill them an assortment of nuts, dried fruit, jerky, and one of every three will have a half a serving of 85% dark chocolate. I make 10 at a time so, if I know I'm going to be out for a while and away from any paleo food, I can grab them quick.


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          Squid jerky! Freakin' awesome - This is the first I've heard of that. Do you buy it or is it homemade? IF you make it yourself, Got a good recipe?


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            I rarely snack, but when I do, I like:

            Almonds, walnuts, nuts in general

            a handful of berries

            2 hardboiled eggs mashed up with some butter and microwaved for a minute

            my wife makes these egg omlets in muffin tins that are fantastic for a quick snack-like meal on the go

            8 ounces of natural fruit juices

            small square of almond flour brownies

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              I really dont snack but if I HAVE to eat something ill have raw almonds, walnuts or sunflower seeds

              Natural Selection:


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                Buttered veggies, almond butter and apples, blueberries and cream, cheese, trail mix, oh I know--shots of heavy cream!


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                  Dried sausages like salami or something are good too!

                  Parmesan "crisps", 1/2 of a coconut, eggs, avocado... the list goes on.


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                    Poooooork riiiiiiinds!


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                      Aside from some of those mentioned, a can of sardines. It's a snack, and my best source of Omega3s since I can't afford goof fish oil capsules right now.


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                          Small bag of chicken (chicken tenders cut into 1x1 in. pieces before cooking) having been pan cooked in lard or bacon grease.

                          Macadamia nuts,

                          Serrano ham.


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                            Tahini with sliced bell peppers

                            Apple or banana with nut butter

                            Cured meat (sopressata, etc)

                            Curried cashews

                            Berries & cream

                            Stuffed tomato (ground lamb is nice here)


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                              Some of mine have been mentioned I think, but here they are anyway.

                              Nuts nuts nuts. Duh. Macadamias are my favourite.

                              Hard-boiled eggs and cherry tomato

                              Halve an avocado and eat with carrot and celery sticks

                              Plain whey protein with a dash of coconut milk (you can add berries or fruit to it to sweeten it up, or some kind of seed to give it a little texture, but personally I'm satisfied with the creaminess of the whey & CM).

                              Apple with chunk of cheese

                              Chicken drumsticks.. I think they make better 'snacks' than the other parts of the bird (piece of breast, thigh), because they have their own little handle

                              I often have some of the above for breakfast if I'm in a rush.