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Trying to limit dairy / How to make a good omelet without cheese?

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  • Trying to limit dairy / How to make a good omelet without cheese?

    I’m trying to drop some fat and what I read suggests I should limit (or drop) dairy. That wouldn’t be a big deal except I have a large omelet for breakfast every day (unless I fast and skip breakfast of course) and cheese is my favorite ingredient. Don’t get me wrong, I love the eggs and vegetables, but to me an omelet isn’t an omelet without cheese. My typical omelet consists of:

    4 large eggs
    Diced red onions
    White cheddar cheese
    Meat - turkey, ham, etc.
    A dash of turmeric
    Fried in a pan with coconut oil and ghee

    I’ve tried this minus the cheese and I don’t care for it much. I added fresh ground pepper once but still missed the cheese. Does anyone have a suggestion for making a good omelet without cheese?
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    Choose the strongest, most aged cheeses you can get your hands on. It will be more expensive, but you only require a little sprinkling to get a huge flavor punch.
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      Add avocado for the "creamy" texture, it makes omlets addictive!

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        change your omelet definition. Thai omelet: Heat coconut oil in a wok, add 1 tablespoon of fishsauce to 2 eggs (plus a smidge of rice flour if you want), add the eggs to the very very hot oil. Either flip after a minute or push the cooked egg out and let the runny egg run in. It'll puff up wonderfully. I've done the same with Korean-style (ssamjang mixed into the eggs), and with Sriracha sauce.

        MFK Fischer used to use breadcrumbs to stretch her eggs, but that's not so useful here.

        Make a big frittata--it doesn't need the cheese.

        Use more ghee--I do that when I want a french omelet without cheese.


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          avocado is nice ...

          id make an honest vote for slightly undercooking the omelette ... honestly makes it much richer ..

          i cant see myself putting cheese in an omelette ever again ...

          or, you can also dable in spicy things like jalepenos or other peppers
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            there's nothing that's exactly going to taste like cheese. sorry!

            here's a weird one, though... i've added kimchi to an omelette, yes kimchi, and you get that kind of funky bite that strong cheese can provide.


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              I like making tuna scrambles. Eggs, tuna, green onion, bean sprouts, and peas (if you eat them, otherwise broccoli works), all fried in butter or coconut oil with salt, garlic, and chives. Fish sauce would be super good in it; I need to try that next time. I used to love it with a splash of soy sauce, too, but I put an end to that with primal. (Feel free to go for it if you don't mind the dose of wheat/soy, though. Just omit the salt if you do.)

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                i LOOOOVE spinach in an omellete
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                  These are all fantastic suggestions! That's why I asked. I would have never thought of these ideas. Thanks.
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                    I like to put asparagus in omelets. Chop them up into small pieces and add them in with whatever other stuff you put in. Adds a lot of flavor. I get tired of "just plain eggs" flavor so this helps me a lot. If you prefer it softer, you might give it a little steam first before chopping.
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                      I like fresh tomato too. If it's really fresh and good, it adds a bit of sharpness to the taste and softens a bit with the cooking, so it gives the right "feel" to the omelette.
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                        I also like to add a little bit of leftover yummy stuff from night before meal (leftover meat or roasted veggies), definitely another vote for avocado/guacamole if I have it. Season it up well with creative spice blends (I love Penzey's), and give it some hot sauce too.


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                          To tell you the truth, I rarely ever put cheese in my omelets, even when I go out to restaurant. I love cheese and I like omelets, but I don't really like them together. Between the oil the omelet's cooked in and all the fat in the eggs, cheese usually makes it too greasy.

                          My favorite omelet is a mushroom omelet, but other favorites are ham and died potato, spinach and tomato, or just make a plain omelet and top with avocado and pico de gallo. Now THAT omelet would be great with cream cheese, though. I guess I'm not a huge fan of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink omelets. Here's one I made last week:

                          That's a buffalo chicken omelet with jalapenos and Greek yogurt mixed with hot sauce and coriander. That one was a winner.
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                            Two things I do with eggs-
                            Scramble salsa and avocado to heat them up, then add in eggs and scramble.

                            The other is I love fried or poached eggs over cooked veggies- spinach, kale and asparagus are my faves. If you cook the veggies in a vinegarette, even better. The yolk takes on a rich, dressing like quality.

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                              Choco, that looks AMAZING!

                              Not sure if you're ok with goat's cheese. Yes, it's still dairy, but it's better. I LURVE goats cheese on my omelettes. Lord knows it's not greasy and adds a creamy tang.
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