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  • a question about breakfast...

    Tipically I have a soft boiled egg with black pepper and 2 or 3 slices of spanish ham.
    These days, I discovered a delicious yogurth, Bio, full fat and plain, which I am enjoying mixed with blueberry juice (Bio too and no sugar add) or frozen berries inside.
    So... considering I am okay with dairy, how bad is having yogurth with blueberry juce (no sugar) or berries for breakfast? I know fruit juice is not best, but this juice is not sweet at all and looks more like a puree...

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    Sounds tasty, but when I do eat breakfast, I prefer some dense protein the form of meat and/or eggs. I am pretty sure it helps with leptin control too, which has to do with satiety.


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      I see nothing wrong with that breakfast. Berries are good for you and I still eat them in season.


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        It depends on your metabolism.

        I usually have a 3 egg omelette with vegetables and about 25g of cheese for breakfast. This morning I ate about 250 g of full fat bio yoghurt with about 3 teaspoons of honey to see what difference it makes to my appetite/energy for the rest of the day. I've not noticed any difference so far, apart from feeling a bit less hungry than usual at lunchtime... which was unexpected! It's a good idea to experiment and find what works for you.
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