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    I am fairly familiar with going primal but am totally new to the personal experience, please excuse if my question reflects my amateur status...but... I need quick snack options/suggestions. On my job I am on my feet for most of the day, lucky if I can keep hydrated. Traditionally I have relied on the "healthiest" of snack bars/exercise foods, which do not seem like good options for the primal way. Any success stories out there? Thanks for any help.

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    Hard boiled eggs and jerky are good options. You may want to go homemade on the jerky though since many brands use soy sauce, which contains wheat. Also, it's much less expensive and tastier. Larabars are OK in a pinch.


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      I'm glad you're getting away from "healthy" junk food. I would recommend you try and get away from the idea of snacking. Try to fast between meals. If you do want some good food to take with you or a convenient lunch, I do like the hard boiled eggs. You might try pickled eggs if you don't have time to prepare hard boiled eggs every few days. Jerky is also a great suggestion. It's a great Sunday afternoon activity and you can make a couple of month's worth at a time. Most cooked meat (i.e. shredded chicken/pork, steaks, home-cured meat, etc.) will keep all day without refrigeration and is perfectly palatable alone. Try to cook extra meat at dinner and bring some with you in a Tupperware container or just a Ziploc bag. If you're job is really active you might bring a small boiled sweet potato/yam/squash too. You can eat it with your bare hands with a little salt. Take care care homebrew!


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        Avocados, apples, raw greens, boiled eggs, carrots, anything small that doesn't need cooking. But after a little while you'll probably find that you won't need any snacks at all. I'm down to one meal a day now and doing great. The hydration is key.
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          Omelets, tuna, hard boiled eggs.. those are my goTo for a meal when I dont have the time or energy to cook a full meal. It's also easy to throw some frozen veggies in the microwave and top with some butter.
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            Don't snack. Seriously.