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  • Nut butter binge! almond butter/peanut butter/cashew butter. Ever since my days as a vegan I am able to easily eat an entire jar of the stuff in one sitting! In fact, I stopped buying it around June of last year because I was eating so much of it. Since going primal last July, I've had basically no cravings for nut butter and I have maybe had half of a jar over the last seven months. So lately I've been trying to increase carbs and it has inspired me to start enjoying a larger variety of food. I decided to go out on a limb and buy a jar of almond butter! Well, I bought the jar yesterday, Monday morning and I had 3 T with breakfast. This morning I had 2T more with breakfast and I thought I was doing really good with not eating the entire jar! and then the clock struck 6. I wanted a snack before my workout because I wouldn't be eating dinner until late. So i decided on a banana with some almond butter. I ended up downing about 5-6 T of the stuff. NOT A FUN WORKOUT EXPERIENCE. So, anyone else dealing with this? Have you figured out a way to enjoy it in moderation? I already eat a really high fat diet so I'm pretty sure its not going to be fixed by adding in more fat, I think I really just love the stuff and this wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't currently trying to lean out a bit.

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    I love nut butter too, especially peanut. But I can keep it in control, unlike chocolate. Do you track what you eat in Fit Day or some other similar tool? You might try to figure out if there is something missing in your diet but present in nuts. Otherwise, just don't buy it.
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      i get like this sometimes. in fact, tonight was one of those times. i went grocery shopping and picked up a jar because it's been a while. i ended up eating a few tablespoons probably. i'm not all that concerned about it...i had just gotten done working out and really felt like i needed something. i ration it well by just taking it out of the fridge, grabbing a spoonful, and putting it back...way in the back. that allows me to feed the craving without going overboard. mostly though, i just don't buy it. if it's not there, i won't eat it.

      also, i'll probably finish the rest of the jar this weekend. indulging a little tastes yummy.


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        Nut butter should not be part of the equation at all. Nuts are way too high in polyunsaturates and a lot of the natural preservatives that make grains and seeds such a problem.
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          Thanks for the answers guys, I'm really just looking for a way to eat it regularly but in moderation. I'm thinking that way doesn't exist! And Grumpy, I basically eat a 100% paleo diet, I'm not too worried about the effects of eating a T or so of nut butter every couple days once/if I can get it under control!


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            Buy a food processor and make your own. You will get tired of making it all the time if you eat it up too fast. Maybe that would help you ration it better.


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              Sprouted nut butter is an completely different animal. If you can find it anywhere (or, better yet, sprout and make your own), your gut will thank you for it. On top of that, you can eat it in whatever amounts you'd like without worry (unless you're trying to limit carbs or fat).

              Case in point: any nut or seed that has not been sprouted or at least soaked will give me an upset stomach and low energy. The opposite is true for sprouted nuts and seeds.