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    I have a 13 year old daughter who is overweight and her doctor wants her to have a cholesterol draw done. I have no problem with that as it runs on both sides of our family. My concern is the what if. What if she does have high cholesterol? I am against people taking cholesterol lowering meds, particularly a teenager. I know cholesterol through dietary changes. I'm almost looking at this with, take any prescription, don't fill it and get the family going strict primal. Anyone go through this and how did you handle this?

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    I think you've got a good plan... FWIW If my ped/PCP wanted to push statins on a child I'd ask them to provide your journal articles that demonstrate where statins are beneficial for children (there aren't any b/c drug companies can't run trials on kids, unless the drug is specifically targeted for children - and most drugs given to children are given "off label" so we really don't know how they effect them)... its been proven that statins are not beneficial for women - so if they're not beneficial for women...why would they beneficial for a young female child who's getting ready to hit puberty - when LDL is converted to sex hormones as part of that change? I'd push back on the doc - and say - instead of drugs, lets manage this w/diet/exercise for the next year and re-assess...
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      You need cholesterol. It is an essential part of your blood and essential for your cell walls and nerve linings and brain. A growing child needs a lot of cholesterol as their brain is still growing. At very most, one type of cholesterol might be a disease marker in middle aged men. Not cause, mind, but marker, an indicator. If you give your child cholesterol lowering drugs like statin it could kill her. They cause progressive muscle and nerve wastage.

      This is a very interesting resource about cholesterol: How Statins Really Work: Explains Why They Don't Really Work.
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