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Staring Primal is this normal? Kind of graphic

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  • Staring Primal is this normal? Kind of graphic

    so I finally jumped on the Primal wagon and cut out all junk and processed foods. Eating eggs, lots of meat, some cheese, and veggies.Thing is that the last couple of days I think I have pooped more than I have in my whole life. That and I get stomach cramps from time to time.

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    If you are pumping a lot of insoluble fiber into your system that can happen. Some changes in movements and such are extremely common and depending on how much vegis you are putting down you may want to back off a bit.


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      You could also be expelling bad gut flora. There are so many different kinds of bacteria in our intestinal tract, some of which may adapt to junk (sweets and grains). If you're not feeding those bacteria what they are specially adapted to, they may be dying off en masse.