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how long do you fast for?

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  • how long do you fast for?

    i had IF'd plenty of times in the past just out of lack of hunger, or to randomly do it to get past a plateau, etc ..

    but Sunday morning i ate breakfast, and decided to do a 48hr fast (if i could) ...

    made the 48 hours, then woke up this morning still not really hungry much ... but had breakfast anyways .. i have to work and need to be sure i dont crash or anything later today ..

    but really, i feel AWESOME! even better than IF'ing its crazy!

    just curious how long you guys fast for, or how long you think is "right"?

    thanks!~ feelin great GROKIN!
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    I mostly do 16/8 fasts monday through friday... I have my last meal of the day as late as 8-9pm (though 9 is rare) then fast until about 1-2pm the following day. On the weekend, I don't fast. I greatly enjoy breakfast with my girlfriend or my family. I mostly fast mon-fri out of convenience as well.

    I have not done a fast longer than 24 hours ever, I don't think. I probably could, but have no desire to try really. I do hear they are good for getting past plateaus. I sometimes throw in longer fasts by going dinner to dinner, but I don't have a set day for that at all.
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      well to be honest a plateau is why i decided to do a fast, but then i was amazed at how great i felt!

      im still working on weight loss obviously... but trying little things like this is also fun!
      started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

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        Indeed. It does seem to be a great tool, just don't go crazy and start doing long fasts all the time... be sensible with it. It does seem to have a 'zen' like quality to it which is appealing, so I may throw in a long fast to see if I can handle it. It's also a good test that your body is properly burning fat, since you felt really good towards the end, you're doing quite well.

        Given any thought to carb refeeds? at 20lbs to go (per your ticker) it might be the right time for it. You already know your body is good at fat burning so it's "primed" for the refeeds... could be yet another little thing to try that should produce great results provided you get busy lifting heavy weights -- as you should!
        I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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          i fully intend to get busy on the weights soon .. i just want to get more weight off first ..

          and man did i EVER feel a zen peacefullness during the fast .. i was tempted to go through it again after this mornings breakfast! but alas i know i need to get food in me ..

          im going to PM you for info on the refeeds .. everything i find seems to contradict itself so i cant get a good read on how to do that
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            I have gone with fasting once a week because it seems both effective but importantly, fits with the rest of my family needs. I do a fast of about 34 hours. I have dinner on Monday then do not eat until breakfast Wednesday. I seldom feel hungry, though ironically, as I was typing this my stomach growled. But in general, I find it pretty easy.


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              I fast from dinner - lunch (7-9pm to Noon) everyday except the morning after I lift. Lifting takes A LOT out of I feel the need to keep the cals up in the morning. I have breakfast at noon on the weekends . I've done a lot of 24hr fasts in the past. I really dread it tho because all I can think about is food and I get irritable once I get around 18hours and it makes it difficult for me to be motivated work or do household chores.
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                I usually finish dinner by 6 pm at the most and my next meal is the next day around 9 am - noon.....not that I'm trying to fast or anything,it's just that paleo kinda puts me in this cycle naturally.
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                  so its a good thing that i felt great even when fasting right?

                  i didnt even get hungry, have hunger pangs, etc ... and felt AWESOME .. lots of energy
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                    I usually do one 24-hour fast per week to maintain, per Brad Pilon and Eat Stop Eat (I got into IF through him about eight months before I started eating Primal).
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                      When I was on vacations, I did 14-16 hr fast through the week (8pm-10am/12pm) But when classes start I usually fast longer, because I either don't have time or I don't like what in the cafeteria. So these days I end up eating at 2-3pm and other times at close to 5. I dont think that's optimal though, although I don't feel bad or anything.. just hungry lol


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                        I IF daily monday through friday usually - 7pm to 11:00am/noonish the next day - I gues it's usually 16-17 hours, sometimes more, rarely less though.

                        I didn't actually try it on purpose, the longer I was eating primal, the less I was hungry in the morning...even after working out. So I just kind of fell into it, and I love the way I feel eating 2x per day. I eat when I'm hungry, eat real food until I'm no longer hungry, and exercise in a fasted state 3x per week

                        Weekends I tend to make big primal breakfasts and then not eat again until big primal dinner...then start over again monday morning.

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                          Right now I eat three meals a day, so usually skip one or two.
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                            Pre-Primal, I would fast from lunchtime on Friday thru breakfast on Sunday. I'm getting back to longer fasts again and am trying to fast from dinner Tuesday thru breakfast Thursday.


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                              About 18 hours was the longest. From 6 at night until lunch the next day. I have to be busy in the morning and go for a swim or something otherwise I get bored sitting around and just want to eat.