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    So I decided to try some GoPro - fermented goat milk protein powder. It seemed like it had the most natural ingredients, and is supposedly most easily digested. The problem is, it is absolutely disgusting!!!! My usual coconut/almond milk, yogurt and blueberry smoothie doesn't cut it. Any suggestions? How do I mask this flavour???????? I need to finish it before I go back to my usual Proteins+ whey - it is so good. I also kind of want to try Vega.

    p.s. I really want to try primal fuel, but it has inulin - and my stomach does NOT like inulin.
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    I am definitely not a picky eater, but I bought a particularly nasty brand of whey from costco, practically undrinkable. The stuff had a bizarre cheesy taste, kinda like bad cottage cheese or something.

    After many failed recipes, I found that lemon juice really masked the off taste.
    I started making a tangy lemon-berry shake with two scoops whey, coconut milk, the juice of a whole lemon, and just 1/2 cup berries to add a light sweet taste to the mostly tangy flavor.
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