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    So I'm about 11 days into the diet more or less, and i had started to feel quite good, then i started to feel quite rough and had a bad headache, then i ate a very rare steak for dinner yesterday, woke up this morning at 4 and felt very nautious, threw up a little but mostly just had bad diarrhea which has lasted all of today as well (it's gross but it's basically a green liquid!)

    I really hope this is carb flu and my body is detoxing etc, but im wondering if maybe its mild food poisoning from the steak? but i've read that you cant really get food poisoning from rare steak.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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    I think you were experiencing the Carb-Flu. (I don't know for sure, I never had it) but what you are experiencing now sounds more like food-poisoning than Carb-flu.

    Mark did a post last week (IIRC) about what to eat on an upset stomach. Check that out.

    Link to Mark's Article
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      Magnesium, salt and potassium ought to help you feel better. But if you are actually sick, which you might be on top of any kind of low-carb flu thing, then you should do whatever else needed to get over your illness. The minerals will help the low-carb flu.
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        What cut of steak, did you eat the fat, and was it more fat than you usually eat? Could be an over excited gallbladder~ have had that happen~ release too much bile, and then dump it asap. I know it sounds odd, but the green is bile~ normal diarrhea isn't green.


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          yea i read that bile is green so that might be what it is, part of me hopes its a big detox and its all good but another more rational part of me thinks i just got food poisoning from a very rare steak, i'm a bit worried though because now the thought of beef makes me feel queazy, same as eggs and most other things on the primal diet like salad and loads of vegetables, im just craving grains and a can of coke
          (thanks for the link griffin)
          If man made it, don't eat it