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NPR gets wise on trans fats...

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  • NPR gets wise on trans fats...

    Trans Fats Are Leaving The Food Supply And The Body, Study Finds : The Salt : NPR
    Knowledge is power, but Ignorance is bliss

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    npr can suck one.


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      Originally posted by dado View Post
      npr can suck one.
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        The first comment:

        John Myers (mrtwilight23) wrote:
        In the Stanford "AtoZ" study (High Fat vs. High Carb diets) they didn't find any problems with trans fat. It was a year long study.
        This could be just another distraction from the likely culprit for our obesity and chronic diseases run amok: the carbohydrates in our fake food supply.
        Thu Feb 09 2012 16:51:55 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

        Yeah,it's the carbs,not all the horrible processed garbage that those carbs happen to be in.My brain is so full of fuck right now.
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