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Another F'ing Cholesterol Thread?!

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  • Another F'ing Cholesterol Thread?!

    Yep, another one. I had mine checked today as part of my annual checkup. First, a little history.
    I was diagnosed with high cholesterol about 6-7 years ago, it was 293, and I was having all kinds of problems. Doc found it and put me on statins. Cholesterol started coming down, I made some dietary changes for the better (or so I thought) and eventually got it down to 212. It's been around there for the last 3 years or so. About 7 months ago I started eating primal and took myself of the statins. Never told my Doc (or wife) that I stopped taking meds. Today total was 226 with bads at 163. Basically, the numbers are the same without statins now, and nowhere near the original 293. Only now, I don't have weird heart murmurs/palpitations, and I feel great.

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    I'd kill for your numbers right now. My cholesterol was tested a few weeks ago (~ 4 months Primal) and it was over 300). I'm hoping in a few months it will start coming down. I assume my body has a lot of healing to do.


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      Linny, it might not "come down," but hopefully your HDL will go up and the LDL will just be the large fluffy variety. Try not to worry!
      28, female, 5'2"
      Went primal 7/28/10: 154 lbs.
      1/12/12: 135 lbs.
      Goal: 120 lbs.