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Up the workouts, Carb Refeed, Supplements??? Advice needed.

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  • Up the workouts, Carb Refeed, Supplements??? Advice needed.

    So, I've been Primal about a month and loving it. I am not doing it to lose weight, per se, but to get my endocrine system in order. That being said, I've got about 10 lbs of fat I would like to lose in order to be in ideal shape, and despite eating clean and between 30-80 carbs per day, my weight just doesn't seem to be budging. I work out, primal style, 3x per week (for the last 6 mos) and also walk quite a bit. I feel like I need something to jumpstart the weight loss if I'm going to see it, but I'm not sure what to try. I thought about doing a weekly carb refeed, but I am worried that I will have to go through the whole carb flu yet again, and every week!!! No thanks, that was 3 days of hell I don't want to re-live. I also thought about adding an extra workout day, maybe just focusing on sprinting (although I do some sprinting in my reg workouts), but I don't want to burn out. I am also under a considerable amount of stress at work, so I think that might be contributing - not much I can do about the amount of work I have (and it will only get worse in the next few months) so I was wondering if there were any supplements worth taking to help mitigate the impact of stress.

    Any thoughts are welcome!

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    No doubt stress is likely a huge contributor. I wish I knew of a good way to relieve work-related stress myself aside from finding a new job.

    I wouldn't recommend LHT more than 3x a week, in fact I don't do more than 2x a week myself. Sprints are great though, once a week for me.

    On the subject of the carb flu - if you stick to primal carbs and carb cycle once or twice a week or after workouts or something like that, you won't have to go through the carb flu again. If you've been eating 30-80g carbs for some time, your body should be adapted to using fats for fuel. The carb flu would hit you if you went back to a SAD for a couple of weeks and then back to primal, but otherwise I think you should be fine. I haven't had any trouble myself, even after those '20%' days where I've gone overboard (whoops!).

    Personally the more I spaced out my workouts and gave myself time to recover the better results I saw. Fewer reps, more weight, don't work out if I'm sore at all.

    You might also try IFing if you haven't already.


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      Thanks, paleo pika, I haven't tried IFing. Before PB I would always skip breakfast, but now I wake up hungry so I eat an LC protein shake.

      On another note, I sort of fell off the wagon last night (primally, at least). I made some coconut flour muffins with a bit of honey (hadn't had anything starchy-tasting in a while and was craving) and I ate the whole batch! Granted, it was only 4 muffins, but that brought my carb consumption up to around 150 for the day, which is double or more what I have been eating the past month. And I slept GREAT. I know some people have trouble sleeping on low carb (I have trouble sleeping anyway, and it does make it worse - I was hoping it would pass). What does it mean when people have trouble sleeping on an LC/Keto diet (I make ketones even when I consume around 80 carbs per day, according to the ketostix). Is it a blood sugar thing, a leptin thing?? Could bringing my carbs up a bit actually help me lose those extra 5-10 lbs???

      I do have some endocrine issues: (thin)PCOS, IR, potentially hypothyroid (still waiting for results, but the symptoms fit perfectly) - so maybe I need a different protocol??
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        Have you thought about fasting? Also, I would bump up your carbs a couple times a week (post workout). Sweet potato / white rice... get a good amount in there. Long term keto diets blow for shedding the last of the last.
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          Originally posted by Fernaldo View Post
          Have you thought about fasting? Also, I would bump up your carbs a couple times a week (post workout). Sweet potato / white rice... get a good amount in there. Long term keto diets blow for shedding the last of the last.
          Seconded on both things. Especially increasing carbs. I really started making a conscious effort to increase sweet potatoes, etc in the last little while, makes a big difference.


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            Hey that's not falling off the wagon in my book, they're primal carbs mostly. Falling off the wagon for me is going to town on some Giordano's pizza or Oreos or something.

            Also 150 is totally fine for a day. I've heard others say primal carbs right before bed help them sleep really well, I can't confirm because I sleep like shit no matter what lately but it's way worse for me when I'm eating VLC.

            I think you really just have to play around with it a bit because some people are more carb-tolerant than others (as far as loss/gain). I think the carbs before bed thing is a leptin thing but we should have somebody knowledgeable confirm that. And yeah, I myself am trying adding in more carbs to lose the last 5-10 because I've heard others have had success but I get so gd confused reading these forums. One person says eat more calories, the next says no eat fewer, then somebody else says calories don't matter eat more carbs or less fat or whatever.

            When it comes to adding carbs back in everybody says to carb-cycle (higher carb on workout days, lower carb otherwise) and IF, but again for most of us all we have is our n=1 anecdote, not actual compiled and reliable data.


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              Ok, so how does this sound - today is my biggest workout day. 15-30 mins sprinting-type cardio, 30-45 weights

              Breakfast (8am): Coffee and cream
              Lunch (12pm): Tuna salad (little mayo) and eggplant/tomato salad
              Pre-Workout (5pm): 3 oz of chicken breast and 4 dates
              Post-Workout (8:30) 3 dates
              Dinner (9pm): Swordfish steak and mashed sweet potatoes w/butter (can't take the butter out, its already made).

              That puts me at around 1350-1400 calories for the day, 120 carbs, 60 grams of fat and 82 protein.

              An alternate dinner would be about 16 oz of tuna sushi -- this would bring me the same number of cals, with 130 carbs, 45 fat and 100 protein. Would this be better????
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                Stress reduction should be your first priority.

                Better sleep- maybe more primal carbs?
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