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  • Need help finding foods

    So I'm trying to be more Primal and finding good snacks that I can take in my purse with me in case I run into an unexpected hunger while out and about in this carbohydrate paradise. For background information I'm located in wonderful Seoul, South Korea. I'm currently working on my blood sugar because of medically induced diabetes....yeah you read that right the medication I'm taking for my kidney transplant is GIVING ME diabetes

    I haven't lost any weight, but have definitely seen a slight change in my body composition, like I see less chub on my middle and my muscles are stronger. I'd like to lose weight a little bit faster, but just improving my health (*cough* diabetes *cough*) would be my top priority.

    Currently I seem to live off of
    • bacon
    • eggs
    • bell peppers
    • cabbage
    • spinach
    • and the occasional whole milk

    For snacks all I've really found is nuts (almond and walnut) and seaweed (they come in these nice little travel packs, but aren't very filling). I've basically cut fruits out of my diet until I can get a better handle on my blood sugar. Just recently learned that injecting insulin into your blood stream into a magical cure all that makes bad sugar disappear (yeah my endocrinologist nicest lady ever, but didn't really keep me informed).

    The more research I do I think I should cut back on the nuts and find something else to replace it with. I'm unfortunately stuck eating whatever crap they serve the kids at my school (50% of the time the only edible thing in my book is the rice).

    Any tips of suggestions? I've tried finding coconut oil, but none of the stores that I have been to carry it. I've seen coconut milk but it is that super sugared kind. I found butter with added omega-3 so I guess that is good (it happens to be the cheaper butter).

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    Can you order Coconut oil from an online source like Amazon? For snacks to have on hand, any kind of cooked protein (chicken, steak, hard boiled eggs), beef jerky, smoked salmon, if you're ok with dairy then lots of varieties of cheese. Of course, raw veggies is always an option. That's awesome that you are taking control of your health! I'm rooting for you to reverse that diabetes!!! Grok on!