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Yes, but are you thin??

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  • Yes, but are you thin??

    I know the primal way of eating is the healthiest way to go. But, those of you that eat this way, and restrict carbs....
    Are you thin??
    I'm curious.

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    Define what you mean by "thin". Are we talking a small whisp of a man or woman with no muscle tone or strength (i.e... Sheldon from "Big Bang Theory") or are we talking about muscled and with low body fat and as strong (or stronger) as they look thin (i.e... Pavel).


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      Primal2010 asked a good question. What do you mean by thin?

      I'm not wispy, but definitely slender and toned. The paleo diet and lifestyle gave me well defined muscles my legs and arms as well as giving me rockin' abs. I'm around a size 4.
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        I'm not thin, but I'm thinner. I don't care if I get thin, as long as I get healthier, including proper muscle tone.
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          I was a chunky 215 pounds at 5'9", now I'm 170 pounds and very muscular. Waist down to 30" from a 36". So, yes, I'm thinner that I've been since I was 13 years old.
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            Originally posted by GoLisaGo View Post
            I'm not thin, but I'm thinner. I don't care if I get thin, as long as I get healthier, including proper muscle tone.
            I agree completely. Too many people today associate being thin as a rail with being healthy overall, which just isn't true. It's actually in your best interests to have a bit of body fat and not be super lean all the time.
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              5''11, 165lbs, 8-9% bodyfat year round. I don't restrict carbs at all.


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                Whether or not people are thin is not a reflection upon being primal. If you follow the principles eventually you will get to a point where you are at an ideal weight; there is nothing that would preclude people from becoming thin on primal.

                As others have said, I'm definitely thinner, healthier, and feel a lot better than I did about two years ago.
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                  Thinner by 80+ lbs with no sign of slowing yet...and far healthier to boot. Daily intake is 50-60g net carbs from veg & fruit (a level I find much easier to live with than <20g and frank ketosis). I walk a lot, but don't run apart from occasional sprints. Planning to re-assess the carb amounts if/when I'm closer to goal or I stop losing.
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                    No. Nor am I very lean. 5'11" and about 185lbs, but I am strong, healthy, and energetic, so there's that.

                    The lack of leanness has more to do with still-frequent junk intake IMO than anything else.
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                      Originally posted by aimlow View Post
                      I know the primal way of eating is the healthiest way to go. But, those of you that eat this way, and restrict carbs....
                      Are you thin??
                      I'm curious.
                      I got thinner when I stopped restricting carbs. I don't go for the waifish look though.
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                        Eating this way does not mean restricting carbs. Relative to the way I used to eat it is. I am thinner then I ever thought I would be too. 6'1" and 190lbs with a 32" waist and shrinking.
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                          "You've drastically cut your risk for heart disease by 90%...but are you thin?"

                          Does it matter? If i'm 25 lbs overweight, but i'm mentally acute, active, happyl, and 100 years old, will it matter if i'm "thin"?


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                            I stopped worrying about being "thin" (whatver that is) a long time ago.

                            The more important question in my mind going forward is: "Are you fit, healthy, and happy?"

                            While, I'm not going to claim to be perfectly there on Primal, I think that a) I'm closer than I've ever been and b) I'm headed in the right direction.
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                              I'm not saying it matters more than health. Nor am I wondering if anyone looks like Kate Moss. By thin, I mean the type of person that looks good in clothes, with defined muscles and a body fat % that is relatively low. That's what I'm going for. B/c yes, I can say that nothing is more important than being strong and healthy. But let's not pretend that we here on this primal board, are different from the rest of the country, or world for that matter.

                              There is a reason the dieting is a mulit-billion dollar industry. People want to be thin. I'll admit it- I want to be healthy AND thin. And I'll be thrilled when I get there!