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New Blog! Strongman Conditioning and Nutrition Tracking!

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  • New Blog! Strongman Conditioning and Nutrition Tracking!

    Going to keep this thread going on new updates, videos, PR's and milestones. Spending at least 1 year working towards conditioning for my first strongman event (which I believe is the epitome of "lift heavy things"). I will post at least 1 video a week with PR sets or my event days. Critiques, suggestions and comments are welcome!

    The Primal Ohioan

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    Excellent, best of luck! I love watching Strongman comps so looking forward to progress videos.

    If you're not familiar with Diesel Crew – Muscle Building, Athletic Development, Strength Training, Grip Strength I believe Jedd sometimes posts tips for strongmen, who need to have superb grip strength and that's what his site is all about. He's also a terribly nice individual so if I can send more traffic his way I'm happy to. (one of my proudest internet moments is participating on one of his grip challenges. Every other contestant outweighed me by at least 50lbs, those dudes are big and I'm pretty tiny. Either way I got some kudos even though I didn't win)
    I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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      Actually, I bought their video, and working on grip etc. Using also for some extra insight. I'm not looking to be a grip strength athlete but definitely take away from that website that I need real strong grip. So far my grip is strong enough to not slip on my 425lbs dead lift and i'm happy. Got a few "Captains of Crush" grippers, "Fat Gripz" and I do periodic pinch grip training and extensor work. My hands are happy and my lifts are getting bigger, but my body composition is getting better, weight is dropping, just all around feeling better than I have in years (since high school I believe).