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Just starting, Diet plan, am I doing this correctly?

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  • Just starting, Diet plan, am I doing this correctly?

    Hi everyone - I just ordered the book this morning on my iPad and have read through it, but I'm sure Im missing a few things - I have been working out for a while and I am trying to get about 160-180g of protein a day (lean body mass of ~188) so most of my calories happen to come from "White" meat and fish (Chicken Breast, Turkey, Pork, Tuna). I try to eat a lot of green leafy veggies (Spinach, lettuce, etc)and fruit. I use MYPlate and noticed my carbs for day before yesterday were 112g on about 1800 calories.... I read the argument on Whole wheat foods, so I'll be dropping them and I am going to try to quit counting calories and just eat primal and see what happens... Here is what I am planning on eating tomorrow, could anyone tell me adjustments, or see any issues on here?

    Breakfast will be 2-3egg omlet(Spinach, Onions, bellpeppers, probably about 3oz of chicken diced up in it) maybe some cheese on top...

    Lunch @ work is usually a big salad (Spinach/lettuce, chicken or fish on top, onions, bellpeppers) and some sort of oil based dressing (Anyone have a suggestion on here on what I can buy, my Ranch or Ceasar seem to be out)

    Dinner will be one or two chicken breasts, big plate of asparagus, or broccoli and probably a salad on the side...

    Snacks would be a Banana or an apple depending on hunger levels throughout the day...

    Thank you in advance!

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    All sounds good - your body will love you for giving up wheat, believe me. Try olive oil & wine/balsamic or tarragon vinegar (or whatever is your favourite), mixed in equal portions, for a salad dressing
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      I like my salads without dressing and with real bleu cheese crumbled on top. Plain old extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar is good, too.

      I would suggest that if you are going to eat such "lite" meats that you prepare them in butter or coconut oil (whichever goes better with the recipe.) Healthy fats are good for keeping you from feeling hungry and for helping your body make use of the vitamins in the vegetables.
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        Thank you both for the tip, I'm looking now for if fruits are "okay" I only see that they say berries are good, but not if apples/bananas are "bad"...

        I'll give the salad dressing a shot - I will probably keep around some easy to eat veggies for when I feel hungry (I realize most of the time I'm not really hungry, just bored)

        Lunch at work will be a challenge until I get into the groove - But I'm excited to give this a real shot for the next 30 days and see any differences, I did a traditional diet and went from 340lbs, down to about 260, but laid off the diet/exercise for a few months and now am back up to 291. I think I was just BURNED OUT! I was jogging 3-4 miles daily and some days I was weight lifting also... The diet/exercise program in this book just seems too easy, but I guess it was because I was already adjusted to the "hard" stuff like no soda's, eating 1500 calories a day, measuring food, etc. Now I just need to adjust what I'm eating and get ready to fight my body because it wants pasta.

        Thank you all again.


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          Fruit is fine, but for easier weightloss at the beginning, it may be better to limit fruit to once a day or less. Your decision. It is also better not to snack at all. If you really are hungry, eat more fats at your meals so that you do not have to eat between. If you can get to where you are only hungry twice a day, that's even better. This has worked for me anyway.
          Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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            Sounds good. You might want to get some grass-fed critter in there for variety, though.

            As for salads, oil & vinegar is awesome. I actually keep nice extra virgin olive oil, wine or sherry vinegar, salt, and pepper at work for my default dressing. I drizzle some oil on. Toss. Then season and toss a little more. Then add a final splash of vinegar and toss. You get a nice, even, light coating of everything that way. Keeping this stuff at work helps me make sure I don't end up eating something unhealthy just because I didn't plan ahead.

            I also make my own caesar. Five minutes and a blender is all it takes. Keeps for about a week in the fridge. I put an egg, a T of mustard, a T of lemon juice, a little anchovy paste, garlic, and a splash of worcestershire in a blender and whiz that up. Then I slowly drizzle in a cup of olive oil in while it's running. Season with salt and pepper to taste. I use a lighter flavored olive oil, though. It gets too strong otherwise.

            That same method is good for making mayonnaise (sans garlic, worcestershire, & anchovies plus I use a more mild oil like avocado). If you can make mayo, you can make ranch dressing. It's mayo, sour cream, and some seaonings. Not sure which but I'm sure you can find a recipe online. Condiments and dressings are one of the tougher things to keep clean, so it's good to learn to make your favorites if you can't find a primal version. Even shopping at places like Whole Foods, I can't buy dressings or mayo that don't have bad oils in them and I think avoiding industrial seed oils is integral to good health. Plus, you generally can't avoid them when eating out, so keeping your homemade food clean becomes even more important.

            Oh, and welcome aboard!
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              For most salads, I use EVOO and either tarragon vinedar, apple cider vinegar, or balsamic vinegar. I splash on a bit of each to taste - no mixing or anything involved.

              When I feel like something different, I mix a bit of one of Zukay's fermented dressings with EVOO to create a vinaigrette. They have great flavors, and a bonus of having good probiotics.


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                Hmm I'll try the salad dressing tonight, figure I could make a bit up and put it in a squirt bottle and keep it at the office, and just give it a shake and a squirt when its time to eat!

                The home-made mayo sounds great, and I wasn't aware thats what ranch dressing was, definitely something else to try! thank you all!