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Sugar in my coffee... ?

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  • Sugar in my coffee... ?

    I am not quite ready to give up my coffee yet, but I have switched to half decaf.

    I use about 2tsp of raw sugar or honey per cup of coffee and I usually drink 2 cups per day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. I am not looking for ketosis. Aside from my coffee and one piece of fresh friut, my diet is pretty low sugar. My carbs stay in the 50-90 range every day. I stopped counting after the first week, but I have a pretty good feel for things now.

    Does this type of sugar consumption usually hinder weight loss if I am actively following the other principles of TBP? It is something I would eventually like to do away with, or cut back on, but not while I am still up in the middle of the night several times with a little one =)

    Thanks for any insight =)

    ETA: By "this type" of consumption, I mean loading myself with 2tsp of sugar in about 15 minutes twice a day.
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    it would be better not to, but that's not that big a deal, to be honest.


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      Thanks. =)

      I didn't think it was, as long as I am not loading up on other sugary crap. I am just new to this no-added sugar thing. Two months ago, it wasn't unusual for me to sit down with a venti peppermint mocha from starbucks or eat half a bag of chocolate covered cherries.


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        If you're still losing weight then don't worry about it unless you plateau.


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          Originally posted by DaisyEater View Post
          If you're still losing weight then don't worry about it unless you plateau.
          I haven't been at this very long, so I've only lost a couple pounds. If I don't see the scale moving, I will drop it. Good advice. Thank you =)