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I like to be well prepared and know about PB but am scared.

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  • I like to be well prepared and know about PB but am scared.

    I have been reading books and articles on Paleo/PB. I know I don't understand fully about it. But am scared to start, I guess I feel like I need to read a bit more about carbs and how much of carbs in different foods and how to make menu plans without go overboard with too much of carbs. I saw one question about eating a steak with potatoes isn't a good idea due to carbs? And, 21 days challenge, only eat meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, and spices, no cheating like Paleo/primal desserts etc right?

    Thanks in advance for answering my ??

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    If the carb restriction is making you scared to try it then just don't restrict carbs so much.Eat carbs if you want to,but don't eat them from crap sources like grains and processed snacks and all that.Some people in the paleo community are way too nuts when it comes to carb restrictions and these people shouldn't be listened to or treated as the normal paleo advocate.A lot of paleo folks I know,myself included,eat plenty of carbs,but we get them from healthy sources like fruits and root vegetables and so on.Of course,going very low carb will help you lose weight faster,so it might be worth considering if that's your goal,but it is by no means the suggested long term option even though some people will tell you otherwise. Apparently even Robb Wolf recently stated that paleo is "Macro-nutrient agnostic",meaning that it's not so much about freaking out over ratios as it is cutting out the majority of the garbage present in the modern diet like grains,processed sugar,and trans-fats.
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      Maybe get the Primal Blueprint book instead of 21 day makeover and do an "ease in" type of transition. For many this prevents the body from having a "carb flu" reaction to the sudden change in diet.

      First you can start by nixing anything highly processes and packaged with flours/sugars. Then move on to the next thing... Start walking slowly... get rid of veg oils... and so on.

      It doesn't have to happen over night if that idea is overwhelming. Some people like to jump in with both feet, some like to ease in... choose the option that you feel most comfortable with.
      I personally eased in... and it didn't take me long before I was making all the changes because I started feeling more satisfied with food and better physically. Deciding NOT to eat processed/packaged foods is actually quite liberating once you get the hang of it IMO.
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        Here's a good place to start~ Primal Blueprint 101 | Mark's Daily Apple

        I think Primal has a lot to do with learning your own body~ listening to it's signals. What is great for one person isn't necessarily great for another~ my hubby can eat cereal with milk, I'd be sick all day if I ate it too~ just read, learn and pay attention to your own unique needs~


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          It can be daunting at first.
          One way to ease into it is (which is what I did) to change it one meal at a time. First my breakfast become primal, then when got a good comfortable routine going, lunch, and finally dinner, where I completely got off the grain wagon.
          Meanwhile, you can prepare at each stage by coming up with meal ideas and recipes.
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            Or go the other route and learn about carb restriction and ketosis and see that it not dangerous, unnatural or scary. I suggest reading the Protein Power blog of Dr. Mike Eades. You still don't have to go low carb but you will understand it without any fear.
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              Eat, eat all the vegetables you want and ditch the grains. Potatoes are up to you but I would drop them as well.
              Think of that colour on your plate - a nice steak or piece of fish and the other half of your plate covered two heaping mounds of two different veg smothered in butter or olive oil...what more do you need.
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                I went from:

                Typical Diet ==> Glycemic Index ==> low carb ==> Primal ==> Primal with IF

                over about 6 weeks. Easy transition each time. The Glycemic Index tends to eliminate the really bad carbs and then you dump all the grains next. Then Primal and load up the fats. Then throw in IF to accelerate weight loss and eliminate toxins.
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                  I guess I feel like I need to read a bit more about carbs and how much of carbs in different foods and how to make menu plans without go overboard with too much of carbs.
                  Just stop eating the grains, sugar, processed foods, low fat dairy. Start eating meats, veggies, fruits and some full fat veggies. Don't worry about carbs unless you don't feel well or something. You can always restrict carbs later or start eating bread or whatever. You won't die from eating meat, veggies and fruits for a month or two. It's really hard to go overboard on carbs once you eliminate breads and sugar. Hell, I eat sugar in my coffee, dark chocolate and a piece of fruit most days and am still at 50-80 carbs a day. If you need more carbs, have a sweet potato or a potato and see what happens. It's not going to cause you to die or fail or be kicked out of some club.

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                    ^^^ this. C'mon Amy.. JUMP and just do it

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                      If you're wanting to ease into, try this: Archevore - Archevore Diet

                      It's not a MDA link, but it's a pretty similar mindset to Primal. In honesty, I kind of wish I had seen/followed it as I transitioned to Primal...the fact that the FIRST item on the list is getting your sleep in order and the 10th item is adding exercise is actually pretty wise, for example...

                      It outlines 10 steps to better living and they are listed based on the author's opinion of what is the most important/crucial/toxic. Kurt Williams differs in a few place from Mark Sisson (for example, he's not too hung up on legumes as they are not even on the list) but they're philosophies agree much more than they disagree.
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