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How primal is primal?

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  • How primal is primal?

    Hey all, new to the boards and to the site in general. Found it after watching the movie Fathead on netflix. I basically just wanted advice on switching to a primal lifestyle.

    I've given up most grains throughout the day. Breakfast is sausage/bacon with eggs ands a big glass of whole milk. Lunch is a ham/roast beef sandwich with carrots, and an apple or banana. Dinner is chicken, a pork chop, or a steak with lots of veggies. And snacks are nuts, dried fruit, and whole regular fruit (bananas, apple, strawberries, etc). The only real grains I have through the day are the two pieces of bread for my sandwich. Is this too much to be primal? And if so what should I replace my sandwich with that's as convenient?


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    I thought giving up bread would be tough - especially since I LOVE sandwiches.
    I now use iceberg lettuce, or another piece of meat and have a meat wrap
    Depends on your goals, but lots of fruit can spike your glucose (especially banana). Milk is allowed but can have lots of carbs.
    Dining out is the hardest part because everything seems to find a way to get grains on your plate.
    So treat yourself and buy the best cuts of meat you can, and cook with better oils.
    read marks blogs and or buy the books. They are awesome.


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      Hi iHux. Welcome.

      Milk, even whole, is discouraged. (I have a glass most days.)

      Wheat is very discouraged, but you don't have to do primal perfectly. 80% is fine. Two slices of bread per day might drop you below 80%. I don't know. There is no precise measurement of that. The best diet for any person is the healthiest one they can stick to. If having sandwiches is what you need to do primal, go for it. You don't say why you are doing primal. That makes a difference. You might try cutting out the bread for a while to see how you feel. If you do eat bread, sourdough or sprouted is best.
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        If your whole bread issue is just to have something to hold the contents of your sandwich,then there are several alternative recipes that give you a bread-like product without all the gluten and so on.Bread can be made using coconut flour,nut meal,and even eggs and cheese.Look up oopsie bread,I use them for burger buns and they taste much better than generic white bread and are much better for you.If the extra carbs are why you eat bread then just add in some carbs from root vegetables and so on instead of opting for a potentially bad source of them.One of the best quotes I've heard about paleo is that "Paleo isn't low carb;it's low toxin",so don't worry about carbs if they aren't coming from a potentially damaging source.
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          I tend to think that Primal is dairy/chocolate/red wine/supplement/etc okay. Where as Paleo tends to be the more hard-core of the two lifestyles - eat only those things Grok would eat.

          My 2-cents worth.
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            Just eat the insides! So funny yesterday I went to a sponsered dinner where it was a taco bar. I put all the ingredients on my plate. Someone saw this and was like THAT IS SO COOL! It's like a meat mountain! I was like yup.. MMMmm ..and left it at that. THen 2 others (out of the people that were there) decided to do the same.
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              Not everyone dives into primal cold turkey. Many of us ease in, so if keeping your sandwich for now but tweaking other aspects of the diet is what works for you at the moment, that's fine. But you probably will find that the longer you are primal (even at 80%) the more averse you become to non-primal foods. You may feel it now but chances are in a few months you will probably not want that daily sandwich anymore.


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                To be honest, those 2 slices of bread could be the part that holds you back more than anything else. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it's a pretty big deal. Just ditch them and everything else looks good.


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                  Meat mountain. Love it!
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