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Dealing with guilt from an unplanned cheat meal

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  • Dealing with guilt from an unplanned cheat meal

    Hello all,

    This is my first time ever posting here but I have been searching through the threads for a couple months now and am just getting started reading the Primal Blue Print. I have tried many diets and have always had success with them but have been unable to maintain them. My goal right now is fat loss. For the past 6 days I have been all out primal but with construction going on at the house tonight I cheated with 3 slices of pizza and 2 sodas. I feel guilty as hell now. Does anyone else feel this way after a bad meal and if so how do you deal with it? I play such mind games with myself, and I think I look in the mirror too much. I wish there were none is the house.



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    First, it's not a DIET. Second, just go back to eating Primal. This is a lifestyle change, and will take some adjusting. Free your mind, and your Grok will follow.
    Free your mind, and your Grok will follow!


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      What is there to feel guilty about? It's eating some unplanned food, don't make it more than it is...
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        Sorry I did not mean to call it a diet. Thats the problem diets dont last.



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          There will be times in life where you will want to eat these things, or where they'll serve a purpose such as certain social gatherings. Learn to relax about them but to make them rare instances. For instance, my office orders pizza to welcome new employees, this has happened 3 times since I started 8 months ago. Only once did I pass on the pizza, and only because I had a pretty huge primal meal I had brought to work. Today was another pizza party and after eating my meal and some of the salad that was ordered, I had a slice of pizza. Just make a real effort to make as many of your meals primal, don't sweat the small stuff.
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            The stress from feeling guilty is just going to compound any harm from your "cheat" (don't even get me started on that word). You ate some pizza. You can't un-eat it. Just move on and get back to primal eating and living--you do know this is about more than a diet, right?
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              I feel like a pushed my goals further away, thats all.


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                Owly I sure do. I love the whole package. Feels more real, than anything else. So glad I dont have to live in a gym too.


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                  Originally posted by BareFootHarvey View Post
                  I feel like a pushed my goals further away, thats all.
                  Just keep in mind that this doesn't work like that. I eat some if my son's graham crackers from time to time. It's not going to kill me and I keep it to an extreme minimum. With the PB, guilt doesn't exist, because it's about looking at the totality of what you eat over the course of time, not one day.

                  You'll be fine, free yourself from guilt and you'll feel much better.


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                    Agreed thanks.


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                      You ate a non-paleo meal,just leave it at that and go back to eating paleo.Beating yourself up or going so far as to feel guilty over eating a meal sin't going to do you any good,and one meal certainly isn't going to undone all the good you've done for yourself so far by eating paleo.You had some pizza and soda,it's not like you killed someone and threw them in a river,so guilt shouldn't even factor into it,just take it for face value and move on.
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                        Harvey, I know how you feel.

                        I first learned about the Primal Blueprint about six months ago, and was interested instantly. I tried it for a few weeks back in the summer, and felt good, but fell off. Tried again Shortly after, but slowly fell off, feeling guilty every time I ate some pizza or waffles or what have you. It got to the point where I would "cheat' every couple of days until I finally gave up.

                        Been at it again for sometime now, and this past weekend I did alot of eating that didn't conform to the Primal laws, but I'm not going to beat myself up over it. There was a big family event I was obligated to attend (sister's family and her brother's fiance's family meeting for the first time), and it took place at a very Italian restaurant, where bread of all kinds was constantly put in front of us. To be honest, it was nice while it lasted, but I'm eager to try a bunch of new primal recipes I've got my hands on, and eager to keep working towards my goals. It took a couple of failed attempts for me to learn to turn the guilt off, and get back at it. Feeling guilty about it tends to perpetuate a cycle of giving in more, and feeling even more guilty. So long as you feel bad about it, you can get away with it right? I mean, you're not REALLY enjoying it...

                        I know I'll eat lots of non primal foods in the future too, but they'll be the exception to the rule. I don't really know why, but feeling guilty about less than ideal food choices just caused me to make poorer choices again sooner. It took me a long time to realize that. For me, letting go of the guilt has been an important step in my primal journey, and one that is helping me to stay the course this time, even if I do "cheat" once in a while.


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                          actually, I think it's one of the most important skills you can use, to be able to rebound from a slip and get right back to the way you'd prefer to do things. We all make mistakes, we all do things we wish we could take back. The best thing we can do is keep learning from our mistakes (is there something you can do in the future to avoid these sorts of slips?), and correct as soon as possible, so a few slices of pizza doesn't turn into 6 months of eating food that makes you feel sick. So pat yourself on the back for getting right back to healthy choices, and congratulate yourself on correcting quickly!


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                            I ate my Mother-in-law's chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. And I enjoyed them. And then, today, I ate chicken, liver, and a pound of grass-fed beef. Back on track, jack! Guilt is not an essential nutrient, so don't take it.
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                              Originally posted by knifegill View Post
                              i ate my mother-in-law's chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. And i enjoyed them. And then, today, i ate chicken, liver, and a pound of grass-fed beef. Back on track, jack! guilt is not an essential nutrient, so don't take it.
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