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How much weight can I lose? :) Does it slow down? Stay the course?

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  • How much weight can I lose? :) Does it slow down? Stay the course?

    Ok, been reading MDA for months now and Jan 1 I started my journey.
    In just over 30 days I lost 12 lbs and effectively no lean mass lost (proven with before and after hydrostatic testing).
    So I have averaged 3 lbs a week, all fat, consistently. Even this week is doing extremely well so far.
    I am starting at 187, currently at 175, 5'10 (male, 47 y/o), and now at 19% bf.
    So I am what most people consider average now and don't have much belly to get rid of.
    I presume I will have declining success just because there is less to work with.

    Have any others that have lost lbs and gotten into 12-13% bf seen a slowing in their loss?
    I am pleased with my success, just want to be prepared to change my program if I stop seeing results and curious if there is anecdotal experience of others in this range.

    I ultimately would like to get to 162 if I don't burn muscle (or can add some in).
    (I already know not to get wrapped around the axle with the numbers and just feel good - this is just a goal keeping me on track for now).

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    Yes, your weight loss will almost certainly slow down as you approach your ideal body composition. I followed a similar progression (26yo male, starting at just under 200lbs), from ~18% down to ~14% was relatively quick, but from there down to ~12% has taken many months.

    I'm thinking of using some form of intermittent fasting to try to get down to my final goal of approx. 10% (check out for some interesting reading, seems to work for some people). Best of luck.


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      It seems my body is happy at approx 7.5 - 8% body-fat with ease, but if I want to get down to say 4.5 - 6%, then I have to fast harder.

      Eat when you FEEL hungry. Not when you think you're hungry. That is a HUGH difference.

      Laying off things like cheese, yoghurt and double-cream CAN make a difference if you want that single-digit body-fat percentage.

      Oh... Don't forget to take your omega-3 oil like flax seed oil, which will burn the fat off.


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        I am 37 and 5' 10". I started at 189 lbs, so that makes our cases similar. In 8 weeks, i went to 167 lbs. Over the last couple of weeks, i have gone to 164-165 lbs.

        My diet still has dairy (coffee with milk) and i have cut down my work out by a lot. Clearly the pace of decline has slowed. But i look much better, so i am not concerned about the scale any more.
        Few but ripe.


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          awesome replies (all of them) - exactly what I was hoping to hear. All very similar situations.

          I can't imagine me being able to get anywhere near a single digit. I've never been below 15% but I have eaten bread like a monster
          I am going to turn up my resistance training (by that I mean lift even heavier things and cut some of the sugar burning cardio.
          I do take my omegas and an excellent multi daily.

          I'm getting close to 50 and I feel the best I have ever felt.


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            You might look into carb-refeeding.
            Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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              I'm a 5'10, 46yo, male, so I can relate. I started PB Jan 2011 at 210lbs and am at 169lbs now. I was up to 250lbs at one point a few years back and could diet down to about 195, but then I'd be right back at 220 as soon as I couldn't handle the diet any more--you know the drill, healthy, whole grain/low fat/cardio...Anyway, with PB, I have been able to lose pretty steadily and kept it off. I'd still like to lose 5-10lbs and think it will happen this summer.

              My weight went off like this: (monthly weight, taken 1st of every month starting Feb 2011)
              210, 200, 191, 185, 180, 178, 178, 177, 176, 176, 173, 170, 169

              My original goal was to get and stay below 190. That was so easy, I set my targets on 175. New target is 165.

              Also, must add, during this time I went from not being able to do 1 pullup to doing 400-500 a week. Also do 100's of pushups and walking 3-5miles a day. I have not been to a gym, just bodyweight stuff at home and work. My diet is pretty strict paleo with some dairy, little fruit, IF daily til noon. I like to cycle in some carbs on the weekend.


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                sbhikes, I have pulled up a carb refeeding article on MDA. It is now in my arsenal with IF - I will turn to them if I sense lack of accomplishment. Just now doing the reading on Leptin. I know, I'm only a month in, but have experience ZERO days where I was "hungry". I have been extremely satiated, would even say stuffed. (I know.. not supposed to count but..) I eat 1200-1500 cal per day and do 500 cal of some activity per day. Everyone tells me I'm going into starvation mode, then I share my lbs and body fat #'s . I would have to actually eat when I wasn't hungry in order to need or want more at this point.

                otzi, yes you are I are VERY much the same. I got up to 198 and became a cardio whole grain eating machine and with much trouble could barely get under 190. (and would take months) - this sh!t is just falling off and I'm laughing.


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                  we all hit plateaus ... just need to find what helps you push past them ... IFing, cutting out certain foods, etc ...

                  but in general the last 5-20lbs is TOUGH to lose
                  started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

                  my journal -


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                    As an update. I finally did "plateau" or reach homeostasis. 90 days consistent and even weight loss. Ended at exactly 30 lbs off from 187 to 157 - bf% 11. I'm quite happy with this number and working to add some mass (I lost none during the first 90 days).