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Question about wine??

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  • Question about wine??

    I know mark says red wine is ok for an indulgence, but what about white wine? what is the differenince between them? aren't they both made from grapes?
    I like wine but haven't found a red I like yet.

    I personally like piot grigio best, how bad is that compared to red?

    (sorry for mispelled words)

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    I believe dry red wine because it has all those good antioxidants in it. Sort of why he says the same thing about dark chocolate.
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      An old article from the NY Times about this issue:
      Really? - The Claim - Red Wine Is Better for You Than White - Question -

      We like red wine and do not like the taste of white wine. I sometimes use white wine when cooking seafood such as mussels, octupus, squid... But we only drink red wine. Growing up in South America, my family always only drank red...


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        They are made from the same grapes; they just leave the skins in the red.

        I say indulge away on white (within reason) and don't worry about it too much.



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          The skins of grapes is where the antioxidants are found...

          But I drink red wine because I love red wine and came from a family of red wine lovers. We drank red wine without knowing any of the potential health benefits of it and before the health benefits of red wine made the news... At the dinner table there were and still are only 3 choices: water, sparkling water, or red wine.