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Benefits of raw Bee Pollen Granules

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  • Benefits of raw Bee Pollen Granules

    Found a great local honey producer who sells many honey products. They sell raw bee pollen granules by the jar and was wondering the health benefits of eating bee pollen. Would a tablespoon a day make a difference? Help with allergies? HOME is the company.

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    Here is a link to a blog I used to read before Primal...wholegrains are high on the list and she is a veggie but there are some really interesting facts about vegetables etc.
    This link is for bee pollen:
    My New Roots: What's all the Buzz About? Bee Pollen.

    I wish I could find a local honey producer as I don't think it is as effective if it is not local.

    Not sure how anybody else feels about it, I would be interested on other thoughts too! : )


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      From my understanding, raw, unheated, unfiltered, local honey works for allergies the same way allergy shots do. Slow exposure to the pollen that you are allergic to (hence why it needs to be local) can help your body work up an immunity to it. In season, farmer's markets often carry local honey. I found a local farm/grocery store that carries fresh produce, local meats, and honey all year round. The honey is sourced within 20 miles of me.
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