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  • seratonin?

    I've been working at this for 2 weeks. I'm starting to miss carbs - A Lot. I've seen info that carbs are needed to keep seratonin brain levels steady. I'm not buying that but I'm wondering what others experiences and thoughts are on this? Is there a dip in levels after a few weeks, and if so what do I do? Thanks.

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    When your blood sugar spikes, your serotonin spikes (then crashes). A lot of the addiction to sugar is because of this spike.

    I would think it would take a while before your body normalizes after cutting out a lot of carbs. Theoretically, on a low carb diet you should notice a much more stable mood. Give it time.


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      This is called withdrawal. I went grain free just over a month and a half ago, and for the first 3 weeks, I was CRAVING carbs. It's because your body is used to metabolizing sugar and is suddenly having to switch over to fat. There's an adjustment period.
      There's also something called the carb flu, where you may feel some symptoms resembling a cold when you first go low carb.
      It varies from person to person, but it'll pass. Those first 3-4 weeks were the hardest.
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        You may want to watch your sugar intake as well. Some people go overboard with fruit at first because it prevents "carb flu" from ever occurring, but obviously that stalls weight loss and converting to fat as fuel. If you are getting enough protein and fat and you feel very fatigued, foggy in the head, or generally worn out, it's probably "carb flu", but you might try increasing your carbs a little if you find the sensation discomforting. It will pass.
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          There is truth to it. I had been doing wonderfully on the Serotonin Cure diet with eating a tbsp of honey every day at 2 pm or whatever, but then acne showed up, and I had to give it up. No sugar from fruit or sweeteners on the other hand resulted in no acne and a great mood/absolutely unbelievable energy in the long run!
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