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    Hey guys,

    i initially went "primal" advised by my natural healthcare practitioner to fix digestive issues. (Gluten/pasteurized dairy screwed me up bad.) Anyway, at first i was doing a lot better on high meat/fat etc. I think my body was starving for that type of nutrition since i wasn't absorbing my food for so long. As i have gotten healthier i am noticing i am needing less and less of it. My activity levels are higher and i'm taking business classes at school so a lot of mental work too. So my question is if anybody else has noticed their levels shifting up and down depending on health/activity levels. I don't plan on adding in any wheat or any crap like that. It just seems that i am needing more vegetables, quinoa, etc and less meat/fat. Anybody else have this?

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    Not yet, but in your position I would have less meat and more vegetables if that's what your body wants. You could find a more optimal balance and if not you can just increase the meat again.
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      Once you cut the crap out of your diet your body is more aware of what it wants and needs. I would listen to it.
      Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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        I find I need less meat, but still lots of fat and vegetables. I think I'm closer to the Perfect Health Diet ratios, but it sounds like Mark himself eats more vegetables and less protein than a lot of other Primals, too.


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          Yea, i guess it all depends on age, activity level, climate, genetics, etc. I think the most important thing is to listen to your body and stay off the junk


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            By all means listen to your body - there's nothing wrong with varying your macronutrient ratios a bit, if you're still focused on getting your nutrition from good, healthy food sources. I personally eat lower fat and higher carbohydrate than many readers on these forums(though still much lower carbohydrate than the average American). If it's working for you, then keep up with whatever is working.


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              I'm by no means an expert, but I agree with the others: if your body is asking for less meat, that is what you do. A lot of people eat lots of meat and fat and thrive. I am not one of those people. The thought of red meat other than an occasional burger (sans bun of course) completely grosses me out. I eat a lot of fish, other seafood (clams, scallops, shrimp), and chicken. And far less fat than what others eat. And I feel much better doing this. I used to try to eat my eggs cooked in tons of butter, but it left me feeling sick. Now I use a little bit of butter and feel much better.

              You just have to listen to your body. And it sounds like you're doing great!


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                Yes. pretty much the same here. I'm eating less and less meat and wanting a wee bit of fruit and some dairy (I have no dairy problems). Basically, I'm also needing more vegetables and fats. I've always eaten lots of vegies -- except when I tried totally fruitarian (I'd advise against that one -- no brainer after primal, eh?) -- but I notice the thing that makes primal work for me is the fat. It doesn't matter what kind -- animal fat, coconut oil and milk, butter, whatever, but I need the fat with the vegies. I'd say go with it. Seems like vegies are the main part with good fats; then, a bit of individually tweaking.


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                  I agree with almost everything everyone has said. Since cutting the junk out - I feel like my body has been more responsive in telling me what exactly is going on. Things are easier to tell an effect from what type of food you ate. ...for example for me - I could eat meat until I exploded and never really get full; that tells me that, for me - fat is crucial in every meal for satiating me. Also - going through meat like it is candy gets expensive. I guess my body is telling me to continue eatin lots' a meat and protein ( I am fairly active and power and strength train as well as occasional boxing), so I need the protein. But its the mmm mmmm good fats that I keep coming back to. Coconut oils, milks, spreads, avocados, nuts, meat fats...yum. butter, ghee....and just about as much vegetables I can stomach. I think for me, I need to get way more vegetables when i go grocery shopping. They go bad so fast though.

                  Often times I find that if I add 1 cup of full fat coconut milk to my meal, it is the difference between eating another steak (it has to be for the fat, because I already eat quite a lot of protein), or not. To me - that is my body telling me I need more fat.

                  Since going on this primal thing, I found out that I am lactose intolerant. I NEVER would have thought this, ever. I drank milk before constantly..and was convinced it was what made me strong and solid. Since cutting it out, I had a horizon organic milk box to drink...and almost immediately I started having digestion issues. They weren't painful, but mostly excess ..methane being produced lol (which I had always before attributed to genetics..the running joke in our family on my dad's side is "you have the Stewart plumbing"). But I found out I really don't. My plumbing has worked awesome since going primal and I attribute that to cutting out wheat and dairy.
                  It's kind of weird to think that we have to supplement so much fats with our meals. I can't really picture Grok doing that. I mean did he just run to the Food Lion and stock up on butter and ghee and avocados and extra animal fat to supplement his meat? I doubt it. But somehow I guess cavemen had high fat diets. I don't know. I don't know where they got all their fat from. They must have been scrounging for fat though, also.
                  Oh: And I have found out that - sugar totally, totally wrecks me when I get anything more than just a little in my diet. Before I was oblivious to this, but I can really, really tell a difference the day after I have somehow ingested more than usual sugar..whether it be through nutella, or fruit, or even yams. And trail mix is the worst offender - so much hidden sugar in that stuff it is terrible.
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                    Meat is more of a side dish to me as well. I would much prefer a huge bowl of salad or vegetables with 4oz of meat or a few eggs.