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Is goat's milk just as insulinogenic as cow's milk?

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  • Is goat's milk just as insulinogenic as cow's milk?

    I realized quite quickly that dairy products were stalling my weight loss (I've only got about 10 lbs to lose) so I decided to limit my dairy intake to butter and heavy cream for my coffee for the time being. But I desperately miss my homemade 10% yogurt!!!! I usually have a smoothie 3 times a week for breakfast/lunch, and without yogurt is it just...well...yuk....

    If I made yogurt with goat's milk, would that have less of an insulin response? I can't seem to find any data on that.

    Also, I have yet to find goat's cream (if anyone knows a Canadian supplier in Que/Ont, let me know!!)

    I am not a fan of coconut milk, so that's out....

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    Mark has an interesting article called "Dairy and its effect on insulin secretion" -- doesn't give what you want about goats, but he does say to experiment and see what works for you. If dairy is stalling you :-( (I love dairy too), how about trying your smoothies with goat's milk and see if you are still stalled. Goat's milk is sooooo good. I used to have a goat farm, but our cashmere goats were for cashmere and meat once in a while. If you use goat's milk and get "unstalled," let me know. I'd love to drink some goat's milk now and then (well, often, if the truth be known). I wish you well on this wonderful experience. Yep. I miss goat's milk, goat's milk yogurt, goat cheese -- okay, I'll probably shouldn't be going there:-)
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      I've dropped raw goats milk 6 months ago and I've lost 10 lbs promptly, the double layer of skin went away, I felt leaner than ever.
      Then after the initial shock on my body, everything eventually adjusted. Carb cravings went up and I had to start adding squash and white rice to my meals. I've since gained 5 lbs back...but found a homeostasis atm...

      So when I start to drink raw goats milk again this spring, my carb intake will naturally go down again (no white rice or squash) since my carbs will be coming from the milk (10g per cup). I'll slowly grow a double layer of skin again over the summer, but it will all drop again this coming fall when milk won't be available.

      Cow milk does taste sweeter to me. I've drank 2 gallons of raw goats milk per week for 1.5 years straight, and didn't gain an ounce of weight. But on the other hand...I didn't lose any either. My milk consumption was excessive though.