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Is eating too much chicken liver harmful when TTC?

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  • Is eating too much chicken liver harmful when TTC?

    I just learned how to cook chicken liver after reading so much in the paleo/primal community about how nutrient dense it is. I’ve found that I absolutely love it. In fact I think I’m kind of addicted. So I’ve been enjoying a decent size serving almost every day.

    I also just started trying to conceive and remember reading on this board that Vitamin A in liver might actually be harmful in early pregnancy. This is why I’ve opted for chicken liver over beef/lamb. From what I understand, chicken liver has a lower amount of Vitamin A than beef liver which has high quantities.

    But if I eat chicken liver every day, is that still too much early on in pregnancy? Should I aim to eat less? Or can I continue indulging? I’ll appreciate any advice.

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    I was thinking I heard it was not good to eat too much, although certainly fantastic and yummy in moderation. It's the Vitamin A thing. Here's a good article:

    BBC NEWS | Health | Britons 'eating too much liver'

    I hope that helps. I'd go for moderation:-)


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      I'd go for either very small daily servings or larger ones only once or twice a week.

      Also, how are you preparing them? I'd love a recipe. I usually do calf liver with onions but chicken livers are so much cheaper.


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        Wow, OK, so I definitely need to cut back then, yikes. Thank you for the link! I was hoping chicken liver might be OK and a good source of folate but I should probably be more cautious given the Vitamin A issue.

        Regarding how I’m preparing it, here are 2 awesome recipes. I’ve only tried the first one, b/c it’s so incredibly simple! And it’s delicious! (As the author noted, I did indeed find that "dry-frying" really helps the liver stay tender). But the second recipe sounds amazing and I really want to try it out at some point.

        Stolen Garlic Chicken Livers Recipe - - 110936

        Crispy Spiced Chicken Livers | theclothesmakethegirl


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          Remember Grok would only have had livers (of any animal) when he killed a whole animal. So keep that as your proportion - if you have a chicken, you can have a liver!
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