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  • "Normal" blood sugars

    I am 29 weeks pregnant and was struggling big-time with hypoglycemia. I had a "normal" 1-hour glucose screen, but my doc did the 3-hour GTT because she wanted to see how I'm reacting when hypoglycemic. My values for the 3-hour were 75 (fasting), 197 (1 hour), 103 (2 hour), and 41 (3 hour). The 197 was out of range, but 2 have to be to be considered gestational diabetes. She said she's afraid I was going to get gestational diabetes and last week, asked me to test my blood sugar with a glucometer fasting upon waking and 2 hours post-prandial after lunch (so, twice per day).

    My fasting sugars have been an average of 75 (range of 70-82) and my 2-hour post prandial have been an average of 97 (range of 73 to 113). I would assume this should assuage her fears that I'm not diabetic, right? What is ideal?

    From what I have read (and know from school as a PA student), this is normal. I haven't talked to my doc yet about it since it was just this week I've been testing. But I'm assuming this is all fine. My hypoglycemia occurs about 3 hours after eating, but it's much improved since starting my morning with a sprouted brown rice protein/unsweetened almond milk/greens powder shake. I know, sounds so vegan, but getting in that protein with the greens powder and having no fruit or dairy in the morning has really, really helped me (previously I was having cheese and fruit...bad combo for me!)
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    None of those numbers are low or high. I don't understand what the worry is about.


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      Originally posted by Lily Marie View Post
      None of those numbers are low or high. I don't understand what the worry is about.
      My doctor was concerned about the 1-hour reading of 197 during the 3-hour GTT plus the hypoglycemia (41) a the 3-hour mark. So she wanted me to test using a glucometer. She had me all freaked out about gestational diabetes, but from what I see, it's normal. Just making sure.

      I also wanted to know what all the people here consider "ideal" because from what I've read, the ADA recommends less than 140 at 2 hours post-prandial. That seems high to me. I have heard Dr. Davis says it should be under 100, and I've had a couple readings over it. Just curious what is "ideal." My fasting is always in the 70's or 80's, which I know is good.