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    Hi ~ I have just (re) started my Primal journey and I have a question. I do a Workout Bootcamp 3x a week (which I LOVE!!!!). My trainer said that we burn anywhere from 500-880 calories a session. It's pretty hard core and I usually end up dripping sweat when it's 41 degrees, so I would imagine it's kind of accurate. We do some running, lots of plyometrics, kettlebells, ect..It's a little like a Crossfit session, I would imagine. Anyway, after starting PB I am really dragging at the workouts. I know I need to add in some more carbs, but am not sure when to do it. Should I add them the day before my workouts (M-W-F) or the day of my workouts? Also, how much? Or should I just experiment with it?

    Thanks In Advance!!!!