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Looking for pastured meats in Ottawa

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  • Looking for pastured meats in Ottawa

    I am going today to Ottawa.

    Will be staying near Rideau center.

    Anybody here know any source of pastured meats, in Ottawa. I would want to start my primal journal once there ;-). I hope reindeer meat would be pastured mostly. I hope its not too expensive though.

    There are a few friends there, so it will not be primal all days, but I am hoping to eat healthy most days.

    Also this will be my first experience of the sub zero temperatures. It is going to be pretty cold there. Doing an IF will be pretty scary if I have to go out ;-).

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    Try Saslove's. They apparently have a great selection of different meats/cuts.

    I grok, therefore I am.


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      There is also a place that sells Elk meat in the west end.

      You have arrived just in time for Winterlude!

      Maybe I can teach you how to ice skate on the canal.

      Also you will get to see how crazy we are about hockey with Team Canada going for gold at the Winter Olympics.

      Don't be a paleotard...


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        thanks lovestoclimb, I will check it out. Its very near to where I am staying.


        Where do you live? I will be at the backpacker's inn.

        I missed the first day of Winterlude, but that's OK, still two days to go.