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Food Allergy Testing and Elimination Diet

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  • Food Allergy Testing and Elimination Diet

    A little history - I have had problems with my sinuses and also edema in my feet and ankles since college (I'm over 40). It took some time to figure it out, but I have allergies and/or intollerances to certain foods. MSG, Corn, Soy, and Dairy ensure that I will be congested and my feet will be swollen to the point of not fitting in my shoes. Those were the easy ones to figure out. Even with those things out, it's better, but I still have problems.

    So, awhile back I had two types of food allergy testing done, one based on kineseology (sp?) and the other a blood test for Food Specific IgG/IgE Antibodys. 80% of the results between the two were the same. Dairy, Eggs , Clams, Sugar, Yeast, Almonds, and Several Grains all came back as highly reactive.

    My question, has anyone had similar testing done and completed the recommended elimination diet and reintroduction? And if so, did you find the results to be fairly accurate?

    I'm going to start the elimination diet within the next week, but am debating if I should eliminate just those items showed up as reactive or go all out and also eliminate nightshades and items that have cross indications with latex and my seasonal hay fever type allergies? Does anyone have experience with this they would be willing to share?

    Thanks, Angela

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    Hey, I have had lot of food intolerances myself. Interestingly on my IgG test the ones in the moderate- very high area were dairy(but not goats), eggs, almonds, coconut, sugar and all gluten grains, as well as most beans. I have had a lot of success cutting it out, but paleo is hard without eggs and coconut, also dairy. I find it really hard to tell if I am reacting because one of my main symptoms is a heavy feeling in the chest and anxiety. But if I try an elimination diet and re-introduce I am apprehensive and I can't always tell if its me worrying or the food. By chance I've made my first eggs today in about 3 years, and am feeling no digestive upset but a little nervousness- again can't be sure. I would love to be able to eat those things, and I've heard some people say, like the author of GAPS diet that food intolerances can be completely random and might show differently on the same day if tested twice because it's a leaky gut issue. This is for food intolerance not food allergy btw.
    I will say, having reintroduced grains after a couple months without them I felt pretty rough- except white rice. I'm now doing the GAPS no starch at all thing though. I also eliminated nightshades from my diet for the most part and found consuming them seemed to my muscle twitching act up pretty bad. I would recommend eliminating everything, including nightshades,then seeing from there. It's only a month, though it's not easy you get used to it.
    I am still, after 3 months not at a point where I feel really good yet, so I can't really re-introduce things and measure the response very accurately. I have gotten a lot better though. Right now I'm trying to focus on low carb with no starch Gaps style, and after I have all my energy back then I will be able to measure it better.
    But to answer the question, yeah, I'd say cut everything out!