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Coconut milk congealed in my smoothie.

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  • Coconut milk congealed in my smoothie.

    So this morning I made myself with the following ingredients:

    200ml Coconut Milk (Aroy-D) (60% coconut extract and water)
    1/2 cup of ice cubes
    1/2 cup of fresh blueberries (mmmmmmm)
    25 g Whey protein

    This was the first time I used this particular coconut milk, and I noticed it was a little thicker than the last couple I've tried (yes, I shook it quite forcefully before I opened it). Anyways, I put my smoothie into a shaker cup, and brought it to work with me.

    I didn't actually drink it until about four hours later, and I kept it refrigerated the whole time. So I take it out of the fridge, and the whole thing is one gelatinous blob inside the cup. The fridge wasn't crazy cold either it was around 3C, or 37F, a typical fridge temperature.

    Anyways, I shook it up, and it became a relatively thick liquid again, and I drank it anyways. It was delicious. I assumed it was because of the coconut milk that this happened seeing as how it can thicken at room temperature anyways.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had this kind of thing happen, or if it is a little bit strange. I'm pretty new to coconut products in general, so I figured I better double check.



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    Coconut oil (obviously present in coconut milk) is by nature solid at room temp, so it's pretty normal for that to happen. No worries!
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      That's typical for a good milk at low temps. Remember, the oil becomes a solid below about 23c.


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        I left a cup of coffee with coconut milk in it outside in my car on a nice Canadian winter day, and when I came back, it had a solid layer of coconut oil on the top. It's not an issue, just the nature of the stuff.
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          I kind of figured it was all good. Hence why i drank it anyways. Just something to get used to I guess.