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What is your typical daily menu that helps you lose lbs??

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  • What is your typical daily menu that helps you lose lbs??

    As you can tell, I'm rather new. Would love to hear what does your daily diet look like. Me:

    Breakfast: Eggs in some way--boiled or fried in coconut oil usually.
    Lunch: leftover meat and veggies from night before or big salad. Still have not moved to making my own oil/vinegar salad dressing so using bottled still.
    Snack: if I'm really hungry I'll grab fruit. If I have the opportunity, I'll grab some meat of some sort.
    Dinner: Meat and veggies, sometimes a sweet potato added in.

    I've lost some weight and feel much better than prior to Primal. Still have about 40lbs. to lose. Would love to hear from those who lose consistently and what their daily menu looks like.


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    Here's what has worked WONDERS for me:

    First off, I've found that I'm a two meal a day guy, and if I'm trying to lose, I best steer away from snacking.

    Work days (any day I'm weightlifting, or performing any serious physical activity)
    1) Small meal at lunch time, 6-8oz protein of choice to provide for muscle building + small amount of starchy carbohydrate to provide energy for later. Saturated fat should keep you plenty "full" feeling until dinner time.
    2) If I ended up with non-starchy carbohydrates, about an hour before my workout I will have some fruit (some as in very little).
    4) Post workout, large meal in general 10-12oz protein + saturated fat + small portion of healthy nutrition carbs (they're called veggies).

    Rest day after workout
    1) Large lunch, not too different than last night's dinner, 10-12 oz of protein + saturated fat + small amount of healthy carbs
    2) Small dinner, mostly protein, a little bit of healthy carbs.

    If you rest another day, repeat yesterday, but back the portions down a little (just eye it, don't obsess), the meal post workout and yesterday were PLENTY of fuel.

    I'm not and have never been a breakfast person, but the pattern can work with 3-meals and with less fasting time, as long as you time things to provide muscle building material (protein) and carbohydrate before performing significant work, and then flip flop on the rest days.


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      Breakfast - 2 Hard boiled eggs and coffee on the week days / on weekends, usually an egg scramble with leftover meat and veggies.
      Lunch - Huge salad of mixed greens, cucs, tomato, and onion with either chicken, tuna or moose and 2 oz of either blue cheese or homemade vinaigrette dressing.
      Dinner - Moose, salmon or chicken and lots of steamed veggies - occasional potato or rice

      If in the mood for something heavy, we have moose stew, chicken curry, chili and spagetti sauce (served over cauliflower) that I canned in the fall.
      If I'm hungry in between, I drink more water or green tea. And I down the juice of one lemon in my water every day.


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        Breakfast: 3 extra-large free-range eggs scrambled cooked in butter with 2 black-puddings grilled. A cup of low-salt V8 and half a grapefruit. Finished off with an organic coffee and mineral supplement. Protein = 40gm, Fat = 30gm, Carb = 10gm

        I do HIT workout 2 - 3 hours after breakfast for up to 45 minutes.

        Lunch (post-workout): 4 - 5 chicken thighs or drumsticks with a teaspoon of flaxseed oil. Finished off with a cup of dandelion coffee and mineral supplement. Protein = 75 - 80gm, Fat = 4 - 5gm, Carb = 0

        **I can get away with eating purely protein after a workout as long as I maintain a workout session to no more than 45 minutes. Longer than 45 minutes, I must add approx 50gm of carb in the form of sweet potatoes or yam**

        Lunch (rest day): 3 - 4 chicken thighs or drumsticks, handful of strawberries with chopped cucumber and bell-peppers. Lot of olive oil and butter. Finished off with dandelion coffee and mineral supplement. Protein = 45 - 50gm, Fat = 35 - 40gm, Carb = 10 - 15gm

        Dinner: Hamburger steak, spinach cooked in garlic and onions. Lot of butter and organic mayo. Finished off with peppermint tea and magnesium supplement. Protein = 45 - 50gm, Fat = 35 - 40gm, Carb = 10gm

        Notice the amount of protein I eat?... That is because I have 155lbs of lean body weight (lbw), therefore, I need to eat 1gm of protein per lbs of lbw.

        Try to match the amount of fat equal to protein because protein need fat in order to digest properly.

        I have 7.5% body-fat living off what I eat above :-)
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          Breakfast: (Is my biggest meal, so I cram the foodz down) 2-3 eggs, couple slices of bacon chopped, sometimes a sausage (if I'm out of bacon I'll use sausage instead) all fried in ghee with half-3/4 pepper and a ton of mushrooms. Today I had an ounce of 10yr old cheddar thrown in. (I'm a cheese snob.) And coffee and water.

          Lunch: Yesterday, it was a big ass salad and 3 curry chicken thighs. Today it will probably be a big ass salad and some mixed raw nuts. I am still using bottled dressing as well.

          Dinner: More curry chicken! I think. I LOVE Thai curry and the coconut milk so so good for you. The only bad thing is the 2 tblsp brown sugar in it, but I'm making 8 good sized thighs so its not too bad.

          I snack on raw nuts, sometimes some fruit.
          I need to start exercising more. I think I caught a cold right in the midst of my carb flu so I've been feeling extra crappy and have been doing nothing but sleeping the past 2 weeks. Ug.
          January 14th-306.2
          January 21st, lost 2" off my waist.
          January 30th-300.2

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